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Hi, I'm Cris and am Lucas's mom. Lucas was dx with PA & hazelnut allergies last month. He is 19 months old. We had an incident where he grabbed his sister's breakfast- a Nutella sandwich. He vomited and broke out in hives. We saw a pediatric allergist soon after who did skin prick test, and he tested positive for peanut & hazelnuts. We will be getting RAST workup shortly. We have never given him peanuts, PB, peanut cookies, etc.. but surely he must have eaten somethign with trace amounts in order for his skin test to come back positive??

Been reading alot on this site and it has been very helpful.

Thanks for reading!

On Sep 15, 2005

Welcome, Cris! This board has been a great place for me to both learn more information and to "vent" when things get crazy (there are some things that only another parent of a child with severe allergies will understand). The information can be overwhelming sometimes, so it's good to take it slow, and please feel free to ask questions.

Again, welcome!

On Sep 15, 2005

Hi Cris!

It is possible that your son was exposed to peanut and hazelnut protein in the womb or thru breastmilk. My daughter is allergic to peanuts (diagnosed at 18 mos) and she had never directly eaten any either.


------------------ Mom to 6 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 2 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Sep 15, 2005

I'm not really sure about testing. I think a person can test positive even without previous exposure. Though, like you said, he likely ate things with trace amounts.

I remember hearing that you can't have a reaction on your first exposure. I don't actually believe that's true either. I have a young son with insect allergy. His first reaction was to a bite - and likely he had previously been bit by the same kind of insect. His second reaction was to a sting - and I know he was not previously stung. He cried because of how much the sting hurt - I would have noticed that. [img][/img]