Hello, 41 Female. Allergic to all soy, all nuts, peas, beans, sunflower. Allergies started at age 40. Had anaphyl. shock to Sunbutter this year. Trying to manage shopping, cooking, travel with allergies. Thank you to all who give information to this site. It is a big help.

------------------ Allergic to all soy, all nuts, peas, beans, sunflower. Started at age 40.

On Aug 18, 2007

Hello and welcome! Glad you found us. Feel free to keep asking questions - this is a great place to find all kinds of information.

On Aug 18, 2007


I have always had GI allergies, but had never had an anaphylactic reaction until after my daughter was born. Since then, they have kept coming...

I'm SFA, EA, TNA and, most recently, PA...with sulfites & yellow dye, too. Yes, eating out is a challenge. And I am inhalant-allergic to shellfish, so most "real" restaurants are out-of-the question.

But the good new is we save lots of money eating at home! BTW, you'll get many great tips in the Manufacturer's section, as quite a few members are soy-allergic also.

Take care, Daisy

On Aug 18, 2007

Hello nosoyforme......and welcome. It's nice to see another PA adult on the boards.....unfortunate for you but nice to have the company.

I'm adult onset PA too - and I also travel a lot. I hope you will share info on places, airlines, etc.

Welcome! Adele