Hi. I'm 20 and was diagnosed as peanut allergic at age 16 after an anaphylatic reaction. Luckily I already had an epipen due to other allergies.

I was anapyhlatic to milk and eggs as a baby/child. I was even contact sensitive to both and being in the same room with milk would set a reaction off. I reacted to my first MMR shot and wasn't able to get another one until I tested negative for eggs as a teenager. I outgrew both.

I am also anaphylatic to fireants..not a good thing here in south carolina. Also allergic to Amoxicillian,Biaxin,Keflex,Ceftin,Cefzil,Ertyromycin and prevacid. Not a good thing since I also have CF...which is the only reason I have tried multiple drugs in a class. THe only oral antibiotics we know I can take are Cipro,Levaquin,Doxycycline and Septra. Makes treating my lung infections fun.

I have no enviromental allergies. I do however have non-allergic sinus problems due to CF. I have moderate asthma and cystic fibrosis. Daily I take Spiriva(long acting atrovent type drug used mostly for COPD),Xopenex or Albuterol 2x a day and as needed, Pulmicort 2x a day,Nasonex, GSH(CF med), Zyrtec, plus other digestive meds for CF. Just getting over a fairly nasty and resistant lung infection so doing Xopenex or albuterol 3x a day and Atrovent(instead of spiriva) 3x a day..all via nebulizer. Just finished prednisone and a very high/long dose of Levaquin.

I use Xopenex daily because theres no other option for the nebulizer which is most effective for me although I do ok with Spiriva by inhaler.

My house looks a hospital between all my nebulizer(5!), peakflow/fev1 moniters and pulse ox loads of medicine

Anyway thats my too long intro Rebekah

On Jan 13, 2006

Hi Rebekah - welcome to the board.

There's lots of information about peanut allergy available here - just remember when checking on specific companies, make sure you are getting information specific to your country. Even between Canada and the US there are differences.

On Jan 14, 2006

Welcome. These boards offer great information and much needed support. Glad you found us.