Hello Everyone,

What a valuable site this is [img][/img]

My wife and I have a 3.5 year old daughter (Chloe) with a severe peanut allergy. We had her tested after a Thai food reaction and she is a 5 out of 6. This was a blood test and I don't know if it was a RAST. She also has asthma which I understand a lot of PA's have.

My wife is supervigilant about supervising Chloe's food intake. I am so thankfull for that.

We both have some anxieties about this but my wife has much more. I want to ask some questions about how this affects your lives in certain ways but I think that should be posted on the main discussion board.

I also think it is important to support a network like this. My wife will be calling today to join.

I will always try to sign my name so that you know if it's me or my wife posting. If the spelling is good, it's her...

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On Sep 3, 2003

hello and welcome to the boards!! look forward to reading your questions, I am sure that you will get many, many replies. As has been pointed out so many times by others on this site, no question , when it comes to allergies is a stupid question. So dont hesitate , just list them!!! sarah.

On Sep 3, 2003

Thanks Sarah. We have been reading here for some time know and have learned so much.

I do have some detailed questions though. I will post them to the general discussion board and maybe the travel board.

I appreciate your support.