Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself since this is my first posting. I just discovered this list today. My 3 1/2 year old daughter had an allergic reaction at preschool on Tuesday of this week while only "playing" with peanut butter. Her class was making a bird feeder using pinecones, peanut butter and bird seed. I wasn't aware that her class was going to do this project; the preschool teacher had been told she wasn't allowed anything containing peanuts for snack. She has always refused to eat peanut butter since she started on table food as a baby; thank goodness! She has had 2 previous "mild" reactions to tasting a product with peanuts/peanut butter in it, i.e. candy bar and a cookie. She immediately spit it out both times, but was left with redness around her mouth and complained of her tongue itching. We had no idea that merely touching peanut butter would cause her to have an allergic reaction. She developed hives on her hands and wrists, her face and eyes became very swollen. We had her transported to the ER for observation. She is fine and now we have learned without a doubt NO CONTACT at all with peanut butter. My next step is a consultation with her peditrician. I'm glad this list is here and I'm sure I will be here often for some useful information.


On Jan 19, 2002

Lynn, Kate was doing the exact same thing when she had her reaction. She had stuck her finger on her lip though because you could see exactly where she had touched the peanut butter to her mouth. Then her mouth began to swell around it. It was so strange. Cammie