Intoduction and an admission (long)

Posted on: Thu, 02/24/2005 - 9:31am
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Well my name is Heather and I have already posted on this board a couple of times. My youngest of three was diagnosed PA about a month ago.
Here comes the admission part:
Ryan just started kindergarten this year and we got a note from class explaining that a girl in the class had a PA (along with other things). Of course the note went on to explain that peanut products were prohibited.
Up until then Ryan was eating peanut butter several times a week and often would have it with toast in the morning. I also liked to keep it, just incase lunch meat had gone bad, etc. I was a little put off for the inconvience but decided we'd manage.
Although, no mention of the severity of the girls PA was mentioned, I decided to not allow Ryan peanut butter in the morning, just in case. Halloween came and I was to provide the goody bags for class. I was able to speak to the mom of the girl in Ryan's class and that was when I changed in my heart(I was taking additional measures already). I couldn't imagine what it must be like. I had three healthy kids, and never had anything major except for a broken arm and chicken pox.
That was the end of October, fast forward a month and a half later and my baby is covered in hives after feeding him his first peanut butter sandwich in several months. Talking about walking in someone elses shoes.
Although I wasn't one of those obnoxious parents who feel like their rights are being trampled because they can't bring PB to school, I admit I felt somewhat annoyed. I had even told my husband that if one of our kids were that "sick" I would homeschool for fear of their safety.
I just feel so terrible. Even though my heart changed after talking to the other mom, I didn't even realize that I didn't know the full extent of this burden. The more I learn everyday the more burdened I feel. It seems like I will never know enough to relieve the fear.
This is a great board and it is very much appreciated. Heather

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