Insist on handwashing after eating in class?

Posted on: Sun, 06/20/2004 - 12:07pm
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All the *many* sources I have read say children in a PA class should wash their hands with soap and water before AND AFTER eating.

My children attend a "Reduce the Risk" school (twins, both severely PA) where peanut/nut products and may-contains are not allowed on the premises. They do, however, allow unlabelled baked goods.

As we all know, just a trace could cause a major reaction, and I am concerned about those unlabelled baked goods, and whether teachers actually get the chance to focus on checking lunches and snacks as they have been requested to do.

Their class currently washes hands with soap and water before eating. The school does not want to do handwashing after eating because that would take the number of handwashings during the day up to 7. 1 as they enter class in morning, 1 before snack and 1 after snack, 1 before lunch and 1 after lunch, 1 before snack and 1 after snack.

Too much time and too many resources. They want to use waterless soap.

I am sending documentation from Anaphylaxis Canada that waterless soap is not effective at removing peanut protein.

I still anticipate the school saying, "Gee, too bad, we still can't do the handwashing you want."

Does anyone else's child have handwashing before and after eating at a "Reduce the Risk" school? Anyone's class just opt for after? Anyone happy with use of wipes or waterless soap if only alternative is no washing at all?

Thanks for any help.

Posted on: Tue, 06/22/2004 - 6:47am
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I do not like the waterless soap idea at all.
Must be soap and water or at least the wipes.
I feel that the children should wash there hands before eating just like we do at home and also after to reduce the risk of contamination.
I read an artical on the waterless soap it just spreads it around ( the contamination )
I hope they work with you. Good luck.

Posted on: Tue, 06/22/2004 - 8:53am
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I think that in an ideal situation the children would all wash their hands before and after eating. However, I will admit that this has not been something I have asked for and my dd (age 9 1/2) has always been fine.
However, I do realize that there are children who are more senisitive than my dd apparently is, who do react to trace amounts of peanut residue. How have your boys done with the current hand washing policy? Have they had any "mystery" or non mystery - for that matter - reactions?
My general feeling is that I want to do what is necessary to keep my daughter as safe as possible without causing what could be perceived as "undue hardship" to the school system and other families. I do realize that we are fortunate that we have been able to do this without incident.
I take solace in the fact that years ago there were children with pa who managed to successfully get through school without any of the safeguards so many of us expect today. Our own frequent poster, Erik, is a good example, and every now and then we hear from more, as well.
Good luck, if you can get your goals accomplished the more power to you. As I said, I do feel that the more frequent hand washing would be ideal.
Take care, Miriam


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