Inhaling and PA


I have a 15 month old toddler who was diagnosed with a PA at 12 months. He's had two severe reactions so far and from what I know with repeated contact they can show up more quickly and more severely. My question is this: Could he develop symptoms from smelling peanuts? He doesn't now, but I'm wondering if this could happen or if he would have reacted already when present in this type of an environment? Thanks for any answers or help you can provide. I've read quite a few books and have not found the answer to this. Tina

On Feb 24, 2003

Hi Tina,

Welcome to the board. You'll find lots of great info and support here.

Yes, reactions can occur from inhalation or touch. This is due to the presence of peanut protein. My guy didn't start out reacting to smell, but eventually did. This does not happen to everyone, but it is wise to be aware that it can.


On Feb 24, 2003

Thank you for responding Amy, I was scared that would be the answer. It must be so difficult to plan outings. Everytime I go to the grocery store, all I smell are the freshly baked cookies and pastries... I hope my little guy won't develop it.