inhalation/airborne peanut reactions

Posted on: Tue, 06/17/2008 - 1:13am
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If anyone's child has experienced a reaction from inhalation/airborne to any type of peanut product (shells, cooking, peanut butter, etc)....pleeeasse share your story.

Thanks so much.

Posted on: Tue, 06/17/2008 - 11:29pm
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I was baking salted peanut cookies at Christmas time so our house was closed up. I didn't know that DS (just under 2 yo at the time) was PA (obviously) but I think it was in the back of my mind so I certainly didn't feed him any cookies. I'm not sure if there was any other contact, so it's hard to say if this was 100% inhalation.
DS started coughing quite a bit and later vomitted quite a bit and had diarrhea. No hives. He only had (HUGE!) hives with his first reaction, the others were all vomitting and diarrhea which is probably why it didn't hit that it was an allergy right away (although in hindsight, the amount of vomit and diarrhea should have been a clue).
I had baked peanut butter cookies and had PB around him other times but these cookies actually had peanuts in them, basically roasting in the oven.

Posted on: Sun, 07/06/2008 - 11:33am
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When my son was barely 2 years old, his baby sitter was walking thru Boston Commons. She happened to walk between two nut vendors and my son woke up from his nap gasping for breath and dry heaving. We did not know he was allergic. The baby sitter rushed to an area off the main walkway and away from the vendors where it was less crowded so that she could attend to him. She tried to give him something to drink as she had no idea what was wrong. Once they were away from the nut vendors, he cleared up and was ok. My husband is allergic to shellfish and reacts the same way when around shrimp that is cooking.

Posted on: Mon, 07/07/2008 - 5:20am
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We were out of town and went to a restaurant. We started asking the waiter questions to see what foods might be safe for my son. The waiter was very wary and unclear. He went back checking several times. While this was going on my son was acting very strange he was almost acting dizzy saying he didn't feel well. At one point he said something about his throat. at that point my husband took my son to the car and gave him some benedryl. mean while the waiter stated things like the oil they cook with contains peanut oil that their flour might have been processed with peanut etc. After the benedryl my son seemed better. We do consider it a reaction since the benedryl helped.
We don't know if it was a inhalation reaction or a contact reaction if the place really did cook with so much peanut oil etc. We always wipe down our table when we eat out.
It was a very weird situation and it has never happened since (knock wood).
We should have left sooner than we did. Now when we plan to be out of town I call restaurants ahead of time.

Posted on: Mon, 07/07/2008 - 10:13pm
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My daughter has had 2 airborne reactions to nuts. First time was at a friend's house. Someone had just opened a can of mixed nuts right before we entered the room and had placed them on the coffee table. We came in, said hello, noticed the can of nuts and began to walk away. Within 1 minute my daughter (3years old at the time) began coughing and hives appeared near her eyes. We took her outside and thank God no anaph. reaction. The hives faded within a couple hours.
Second time was in the grocery store, she was 5 years old. We accidentally walked down the "nut aisle" where some walnuts had fallen to the ground out of their packages and were being stepped on by customers. I did not see the nuts until we were right in front of them, we quickly turned the cart and went to the opposite side of the store. I didn't say anything to my daughter about the nuts and within 1 minute she began coughing and was complaining about her throat. Once again we were lucky, no ana. reaction. Her symptoms faded within 20 min.
Now she is 8 years old and she only comes grocery shopping with me when necessary and we know where all the nuts are in the store. We call ahead EVERYWHERE we go. If friends/family have had nuts in their home recently, we meet elsewhere. I feel very restricted, but I don't know what else to do. We meet many of our friends at playgrounds/splash parks and libraries.
I apologize for the length, hope my story helps.

Posted on: Fri, 07/18/2008 - 2:27am
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It's hard to be sure that this was an inhalation reaction, but we were in line at Subway at the food court in the mall and my son (13 mo) started coughing and getting hives around his eyes. I looked all around and realized we were right next to an Asian place. Within 10 minutes of getting away from it he stopped coughing. His eyes did stay red and puffy for an entire day an a half after that. I don't know what else it could have been if not the fumes from the Asian place.

Posted on: Sat, 07/19/2008 - 12:45am
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We were standing watch some street performers.. and I did not realize that we were wedged between 2 venders that were raosting peanuts. I smelled and decided to go away fromthere. a few minutes later he had hives on his face...
gave him benedryl they went away with in the hour

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