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?ing DOT nondiscrimination laws re: airlines I have a

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?ing DOT nondiscrimination laws re: airlines I have a niece 9yr with PNA, we were planning a family reunion and found out that the airlines have no clear policies reguarding flight safety? How can this not fall under the DOT nondiscrimination act? Are they not obligated by law to make provisions for her ablility to fly safely reguardless of the inconvenience to crewmembers or other passengers? Since she lives in Calif. and we live on East coast driving is out of the question and our family is not complete without her and her immediate family and the E. coast has a person that can not travel. I can not believe in 2015 I am posting this, does anyone know a safe way or airline for a PA traveler?

By samsmommy99 on Jan 20, 2015

Not sure about laws, but I have traveled extensively and here is what I will tell you..... Stay away from Southwest Airlines, they serve peanuts, also Delta, they serve them too, but provide a "buffer" zone.... Totally stupid...... I always carry 3 epi pens when we travel, wipe down the seats and tray tables, don't let my son get up and wander, bring safe foods for him to eat. It's been my experience that most people are understanding, but there are always a few who refuse to give up their precious peanut laden snacks and sit and bitch about it.... I've seen it happen more than once......I just don't say anything about the allergy anymore because there is always going to be someone who gets all worked up about it..... I am very cautious and aware of my surroundings when we fly, and thankfully, he does not have an airborne allergy, his is ingestion only. My suggestion if you can afford it is to fly in first class.... That's what I have done, more expensive, yes... But I just feel a bit safer...... And a bit more comfy...:-))