Infection /allergic reactions is there a link?


Hi I am only new to this web site and I think it is great.My 5 year old has allergies to milk,egg,peanut,soya,fish.This week in school he got his epipen 3 times for swelling of the eyes,face,lips,tongue,abdominal pain.On one of the occassions he was a very grey colour.The Specialist reviewed him early because of so many shots and told us that the tooth abcess that he developed after all these incidents may have caused the reactions.He said that this type of reaction is rarely lifethreatening and his antihistimine should have been enough. Have any of you experienced the same thing? can anyone explain this? If any of you saw your kid's face swell and tongue are you going to wait until there are respiratory signs or sudden collapse before giving epipen? I must say everyone has been great,his teachers,school medical doctor,our GP and the Specialist.I do get an awful lot of different advice though of what to do and what not to do.I wish there were more direct communication between professions. He is for tooth extraction tomorrow.


On Jun 25, 2000

If there was face swelling and tongue swelling I would do the epi without thinking twice. If his tongue was swollen how can you even guarantee he could successfully swallow all the antihistamine? I think the school did the right thing. I hope the tooth extraction goes well.

On Jun 26, 2000

E needed his epi on three occassions last week.My Gp has just explained the reason to me why the tooth infection has had such related allergic consequences.He said that E's immune system has been "SWITCHED ON" by the infection and therefore more highly sensitive to the allergyns that he reacts to.This is why he reacted so badly.He said that when he has an infection again that i am going to have to watch him carefully.There are also proteins produced by an infection that can cause reactions.He is not convinced on airborne peanut allergy though.He is still considering that he may have "IDIOPATHIC ANGIODEMA" REACTING FOR NO ALLERGY RELATED CAUSE.He has a confirmed milk and egg allergy,even airborne to eggs.His face swelled up onetime on contact with milk.MY Gp. agreed though that any swelling of the face accompanied with any lip,tongue swelling should be treated with epi.I feel much more content now that i understand.He still isn't accepted back to school since last week.They are very nervous of himnow.He has been lucky to have had a fulltime classroom assistant all year.

On Jun 26, 2000


I sounds like you've been having a really hard time lately. It is never easy to have a sick child, much less one that doctors can't seem to diagnose properly.

I'd like to ask a few questions. First, after your son received his epi-shots, was he taken to an emergency room? Also, what is a GP?

Good luck and keep us posted!

On Jun 27, 2000


A GP is a General Practioner - basically your family doctor. It's just what we call them this side of the Atlantic.


On Jun 27, 2000

Thanks Gwen&Mojoe for your interest, I live in Ireland .That explains the different terminology for doctors.I envy the way that your society is much further developed in the management and diagnosis of allergy.

E. was indeed in the acident and emergency at our local hospital the first day last week that the face,eyes,lips etc swelled.He got his epi there.The 2nd &3rd time he got his shot at school and the ambulance was called.I suppose your equivelent of 911.

The second time his face was a grey colour.He was given steroids in the hospital and kept overnight.

I have now contented myself to the understanding that as our kids have such a highly tuned immune system,the presence of an infection is going to make the system that much more switched on.Hence,he over-reacted to allergyns that may normally only have given him mild symptoms ie grass pollen. i could be completely wrong.He has finished a course of antibiotics for the absess and had the tooth out.There has been no further reactions.

Maybe the reason the Doctors are talking about Idiopathic oedema is because he has been having so many reactions.I am of the opinion though that the reactions he is having have a relationship to allergyns.

The recent times that he has reacted needing epi have always been in school and are always after visiting the dinner room.

It is a real jolt to the system getting a phone call at work to come to school that E's eyes eyes are swelling and see the paramedic(TWICE)!!! I will say though that it is very hard for us as parents not to show panic.The paramedics are fantastic at calming the situation and focusing on the child.E thought he was in a spaceship.He was having the best time.The epi worked so fast.He was looking for his tray on Sat morning at home for his breakfast the same as he got at the hospital.It is taking me a while to recover. All the best of luck