Indy Children\'s museum


We are planning a trip to Indy Children museum. The search here brought in some older discussions. I would just like to know if anyone is from Indy area, any suggestion for the trip, restaurants (we would like to avoid fast food if possible.)...etc thanks,

On May 22, 2008

I don't know about safe restaurants (we always eat fast food) but be sure to eat something before going. I would not trust the food at the museum other than the prepackaged stuff (chips, etc). They used to have a BK in there but they took it out. I wrote to them and said that because of the PBJ sandwiches on the menu we could never eat anything there and that I was even nervous now about taking my kids to the museum at all since so much of it is hands-on stuff and who knows how many kids eat those sandwiches, get pb on their hands, and then touch everything in sight. They said they would forward my email to the appropriate person but I never heard back. It is a great children's museum (biggest in the world!) and we will probably go again but I am nervous when we do. Luckily my allergic dd is 12 and pretty good about remembering to not put her fingers in her mouth.

I am not from Indianapolis btw. We live about 70 mile from there so I don't know the area at all.

On May 30, 2008

We visited the museum last fall when we went to the FAAN Walk in Indy. There is a lunchroom-type area separate from the food court with cafeteria-style tables and vending machines. You can pack a lunch, leave the cooler in this room (many did though it was not secure) and come eat when you want to take a break. I believe it is on the 2nd floor and is probably used for school trips, but it was just a few families when we were there. You can easily wipe down the surfaces if you take wipes. I believe that the room is on the 2nd floor, on the left as you walk into the museum. As you go in, there is a large atrium with the food court, dino building, gift shop, etc. all off of that, then you walk into the actual museum straight ahead. Food isn't allowed in the museum part, but we "snuck" in a small cooler before we found that room. There is also an area just outside the museum to picnic outdoors, and we had intended to do that. It is a great museum, and has an awesome dinosaur exhibit.