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On Jun 8, 2000

Hi! I'm in Northeastern Indiana and I'm looking for a support group or to start one. Let me know if you're interested! [img][/img]

On Jul 31, 2000

Jes, Please let me know which part of Northeastern Indiana you are in. I live in the South Bend area and would drive to see you or chat on the phone or meet half way I have a PA 18 month old daughter and just really need someone to chat wtih you can e-mail me at [email][/email] Thanks again

On Jul 19, 2001

Hi, I'm looking for anyone in the Indianapolis area who would like to get together: Peanut allergies for my son who is a year old.

On Aug 17, 2001

Still looking for a PA friend for my son in or somewhat near Indianapolis:



Hope to hear from you

On Dec 23, 2001

I have a 2y with peanut allergy. I live in White Pigeon Mi, close to the line. We do most things in IN. Anyone else close by?

On Dec 29, 2001

I live in north central Indiana (about 70 miles north of Indianapolis) and would like to find out if anyone else is near me.


On Dec 30, 2001

I live in Jeffersonville, IN

On Dec 30, 2001

I live in Evansville and belong to a Food Allergy support group. We have more members whose children have a peanut allergy than all others combined. If anyone would like information about our meetings or contact our group please email at: [email][/email].

On Jan 14, 2002

Hello! I am interested in starting a support group in Fort Wayne,IN. My 4 y/o son is allergic to peanuts/tree nuts. Please respond!

On Jan 15, 2002

Hi, I live in Northwest Indiana and have an 18 month old PA and egg allergic child. Would really like to find a support network in this area. Lisa

On Jan 26, 2002

Hi, I live in Lafayett, In. My fifteen month old son Ethan was just diagnosed with severe peanut, milk, egg and chocolate allergies (and that's what we know about so far- he undergoes more testing when he turns two.) I am very very interested in getting together with other parents of food allergic kids. It'd be nice to have someone else to relate to. It's kind of a twilight zone feeling. Please, email me at [email][/email] Amanda Proctor