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We're traveling to Orlando with our two peanut allergic sons. Has anyone ever flown Independence Air? I'd appreciate any input, good or bad experiences, etc. Thanks!

On Apr 5, 2005

I just flew Independence Air with my PA son. Their policy is not to serve any peanuts. I called before the flight. On all four legs of out trip no peanuts were served however.. of the choices they did serve: vanilla cookies, pretzils, cereal bar, and sunchips. The pretzils and the vanilla cookies said " may contain Peanuts' We had no problems. My son ate food that I brought with us and I had the sun chips. The " May Contain" wasn't a problem with passengers in other rows. It was a very clean airline! They hand out disposable hot towels at the end of the flight so you can clean your hands.

Stay away from Continental Airlines! They are VERY rude about not having peanut free flights. They actually suggested that we try walking from California to New Orleans! That a PA person "just can't fly, that's too bad"

Anyway.. Independence Air, Jet Blue, United and Frontier all seem to be very supportive as far as peanuts go.

Peace, Christin

On Apr 6, 2005

I am flying Independence Air. I just got an e-mail from them:

Thank you for contacting us Christine,

On your flight to and from Orlando, we do serve complimentary beverages and a small snacks. Our meals and snacks are peanut-free.

Thank you for choosing in Independence Air and have a great flight!

Best regards, Jose Customer Services

On Apr 27, 2005

Independence Air was awesome! Peanut-free snacks and they even made a brief announcements to passengers asking them to refrain from eating peanuts! Planes were immaculate and attendants were extremely friendly.

On Jun 26, 2005

We're flying Independence Air to Orlando next week with our 3 yr old peanut allergic son (going to a diabetes conference at WDW! he is diabetic too).

Any more good experiences with IA? Should I call them ahead of time for anything? I did call before i booked tickets to confirm they don't serve peanuts (but do serve "may contains" type snacks - I'm fine with that).

I'm getting SO NERVOUS!!! I'm chicken about flying anyway in general and I feel like I'd ask the dr. for anxiety meds but afraid they'd knock me out and I want to be at my best for watching William. I plan to put him in long pants, socks, long sleeve t-shirt and put a twin size bed sheet over his seat (if they'll let me) and wipe down everything. He is 3.5 yrs old - should I take his car seat? He can still be strapped down in it.

Thanks! Carol

On Jun 26, 2005

You might want to try a disposable tablecloth or groundcover (they sell them during the summer - I think Dixie or Hefty make them?) rather than the bed sheet. That way, you can "poke" the belts through the cover if need be, and you can toss them out between flights. The car seat is a great idea. Then he's belted in with his own belt, as well -- one less thing to be concerned with.

Have a wonderful trip! [img][/img]


On Jun 26, 2005

We just flew IA cross-country last week. No problems; they let us pre-board to wipe down seats and they did make a brief announcement on the San Francsico to Dulles leg of the trip that passengers were traveling with peanut and nut allergies, so if anyone on board was planning to eat a snack containing these items, to please 1st contact a flight attendent. Nice way to promote privacy...

One thing, though. I almost created problems by requesting the announcement; person at gate misunderstood - thought we didn't know what allergies we had, and gate rep indicated that captain was concerned and wanted to speak w/us [img][/img] Although an announcement is a nice touch, it wasn't mandatory expectation, and I didn't want to jeopardize getting on the flight. But it all worked out fine (I clarified with an attendent on board).

I'd suggest having it noted in your file when you make the reservation, and then when you check in, mention that you want to pre-board so you can wipe down due to peanut allergies. I think most IA attendants as a matter of course would take the next step and make the announcement 2 cents...

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On Jun 27, 2005

Thanks for the reassurances. I love the disposable tablecloth idea! I did try to note it on our ressie but the person I spoke with said just tell the FA's so ... I guess nothing more they can do for us until we actually get on the plane.

So you think wrapping him head to toe in saran wrap and leaving a few air holes to pump in bottled oxygen is a bit much? ;-) His allergist reassured me that she has never had anyone have a serious problem on an airplane in her 18 years of being a doctor. We picked IA because they don't serve nuts - costs us a bit more but I think that is way worth it. It is a direct flight too - thank goodness. I wish I could just pass out when I get on the plane and wake up at Disneyworld! :-)

Many thanks!


On Jul 12, 2005

I just wanted to report that our trip on Independence Air was just fine. I told the flight attendants about the allergy but they didn't make an announcement - they just told me they don't serve nuts. And sure enough they do not. My guess is that William wouldn't react is someone on the plane was eating peanuts - I am more concerned about if everyone was eating peanuts!

I couldn't find those disposable cloths so I brought an old twin sized fitted bed sheet that worked very well over his seat and covered the arm rest. I wiped down the window and wall, the tray, the seat back and the buckle area. It was a 2 hour flight and their customer service was very good. We will fly them again I think!