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In the beginning. . . I went the midwife route with multiple food allergic ds (2nd child, first ds was pretty easy delivery, so I thought that I'd try the no med route, ha ha ha [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img] what was I thinking!). Fairly routine pregnancy, although I was recommended to eat a very high-protein diet, consisting of lots of milk, eggs, and peanut butter (all the things that ds is allergic to). The delivery was nothing out of the ordinary, except when having a 9lb 12oz child, an epidural would have really made the situation much more pleasant. Oh well, live and learn.
From birth, his skin looked red and rashy. He had the seboriasis (sp. cradle cap), and always had rashy patches, to which the ped recommended hydrocortizone cream).
At 4-5 months, we attended a wedding, and he stuck his finger into my cake, touched his face, and everywhere he touched became hives.
At 9 months, he grabbed his brother's discarded empty milk cup and developed hives and breathing difficulty with wheezing (anaphylaxis). At this point, the pediatrician tested him for all major allergens and sent us to Ped. Allergist.
He developed asthma somewhere between 1 yr and 2 yr, with symptoms occurring 3 days following a cold. He was hospitalized once (at 15 mo), although in retrospect, he was fine after the Prelone kicked in. The asthma after a cold was really as issue until he was about 4 y/o. Now, at 6 y/o, he seems to avoid those episodes (knock wood).

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In the beginning....
during pregnancy went into early labour at 16weeks, and 23/4 weeks. Was told at this point that if labour carried on we would lose him, but thankfully it all stopped.
Had three courses of antibiotics because of water infections and a strep infection.
I have had trouble in early weeks of pregnancy before , and had a miscarriage at 10 weeks but williams pregnancy was odd, because of the water infections etc, and going into labour a 16 and 24 weeks.
William developed a strep infection on 2nd day of birth.
But day 8 his skin was dry in patches, by day 10 dry all over, by day fifteen dotor gave him five different creams for different parts of his body and a fungel infection. He had also been on antibotics for strep infection.
His longest period of sleep by the time he was 9 months was 20 mins during the day, two separate hours at night. He had excema all over and was moisturised 8-10 times a day, 15 during flare up, was breastfed for 18 months. Had poor weight gain, had about 2 courses of med for skin infections, and a couple of chest infections, inhaler used during tree pollen season, but not asthmatic!!!.
Peanut allergy discovered a 1year from touching peanut butter, reaction mild as on regular doses of piriton to control skin and sleep. (bad, bad , bad advice!!!!)
Other allergies discovered, egg at 13 months, kiwi at 3 , hospital appointment at 18 months confirmed dustmite, cat , dog , tree pollen, legumes,peanut ,egg etc etc.
Always hives nearly every week for unexplained reasons , which finally understood after this appoinment.
Hives during car journeys a result of tree pollen in car filters, (no AC!!!!)
Other children , N1 antibiotics 3 times. age 11.
N2 antibiotics once, now 9 years.
N4 never had antibiotics now 4 years.
All healthy, birth weights, 9lbs,
second 10lbs8oz fourth baby 7lb12oz , william 7lb3oz weight dropped during first week to under 5lbs!!!


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