In the Beginning.....


If it isn't too prying, and you are comfortable with it,

...describe your pregnancy (with PA child), labor, delivery, in terms of complications or lack thereof. Conditions diagnosed etc.

...describe your child's (PA child) first week of life in terms of complications or lack thereof. Conditions diagnosed, etc.

...describe your child's (PA child) first year of life in terms of complications or lackthereof. Conditions diagnosed, etc.

MommaBear (PS, I will post my answers after I get my children off to school!) [img][/img]

On Feb 6, 2003

My pregnancy was great. No complications. When I went into labour there was question as to when my water broke so when DD was born she was put on antibiotics right away just to be sure. I've often wondered if this had anything to do with her allergies. Her first year of life she had a lot of allergies...milk, eggs, different kinds of fruit. We didn't know about the PA yet but because of her history the MD perscribed the epi-pen. Thank goodness we had it because when she got into some pb fudge in the fridge within seconds she was on the floor unconscious not breathing. This must of been her second contact. I think her grandfather must have given her something with pb before that time. I had explained her problem with allergies and not to give her nuts but he is one of the ones that used to think that one little peanut wouldn't hurt.

On Feb 6, 2003

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On Feb 6, 2003

Still have a house-full of sickies, so I will be brief.

Pregnancy and delivery, uncomplicated (other than 5 months of unremitting nausea). Vaginal birth with epidural.

First hours - already spitting up like a fountain.

First week - milk jaundice, resolved with no intervention.

First months - unlike first child who didn't get so much as a sniffle until after his first birthday, Kevin got his first cold at 3 weeks. It was all downhill from there. Sick all the time, wicked eczema. At 4 months started having bloody diapers. MD told me to discontinue milk in my diet, bloody diapers stopped. 4 1/2 months - first of many, many episodes of severe stridor. 9 months - What was believed to be RSV. 10 months - dx asthma. MD started suspecting all sorts of food allergies (but never mentioned peanuts or nuts) and put me on elimination diet.

And so it goes.


On Feb 6, 2003

My pregnancy was very routine. No real problems except for the 2 weeks before DD was born. My blood pressure skyrocketed & I had to be on bedrest. DD was born 2 weeks before due date. I was induced & from the time they broke my water until DD was born was a little under 3 hours. Very Easy delivery. She was perfectly healthy with lots of hair.

DD first week of life was pretty uneventful. She did lose over a pound in the first 2 days & I had to supplement breast feeding with formula feeding.

DD first year was pretty uneventful too. She had only 1 earache & had no reactions to any of her immunizations.

She didn't have her first PA reaction until 18 months when we gave her a taste of peanut butter. Her lips began to swell & she had a head to toe rash. We called doctor. They put her on Benedryl & called in an Epi-pen Jr. prescription for us & told us to avoid peanuts as she was allergic to them.

At her 2 year checkup, I had the doctor give us a referral to an allergist as I had recently found this group & knew she needed to be tested. It's a good thing we did as we found out she is also allergic to Cashews & mildly to eggs (which she has outgrown). So now we avoid all Peanut & nut products as well as may contains & always carry epi-pens.

Lea (mom to Jamie (PA & TNA) -almost 3 & to "David" due 4-15)

On Feb 6, 2003

Alright, not sure if everyone will want to read this but here goes:

Pregnancy: Went into pre-term labor at 6 months. It was stopped for me (thank God) and I then went on bed rest. Carried my PA son to 41 weeks.

Labor/Delivery: Started on my own (no induction). Lasted 18 hours. I refused all drugs (STUPID!). My son would not descend fully so my "fill-in OB/GYN" (my original doc was on vaction) used the vaccuum again and again. It was the most horribly excruciating pain I have ever felt in my entire life. After about five failed attempts at suctioning my son out they then decided to have a GIGANTIC L/D nurse apply fundal pressure. Basically she was just laying on me while they stuck that @#$% vaccuum up me again. I screamed obscenities so loud that my family heard them all the way down the hall and out into the waiting area.

This went on for about two hours and then my heart rate went through the roof and my son's plummeted. So we were off to an emergency c-section.

My son was not breathing at birth and had to be intubated. He was kept in the NICU and was given intravenous antibiotics. He came off of the vent rather quickly and then did okay.

FIRST WEEK HOME: He cried all the time and slept hardly none. He had a huge bruise on his head from the failed vaccuum attempts and several bruises on his arms and feet from the IVs. He wouldn't eat which the pediatrician said was because his throat was probably still irritated from the ET tube.

FIRST YEAR: It took him SEVEN weeks to learn how to breastfeed. He only ate breastmilk, but I had to pump it out and put it in a bottle for him. He has no lasting effects from his traumatic birth. He was diagnosed w/ PA at nine months after I let him have a tiny taste of pb ice cream.


On Feb 6, 2003

1) Conceived via IUI, uneventful pregancy, full term, went into labor on own, but given pitocin after muconium in water, and no dialtion. Many hours later, after cranking pit. still only 2cm, administered epidural, went to 10 cm in 2 hours, pushed out in 45 mins. All very peaceful after the epidural, LOL, and until it wore off(grrrr),then a boost, ahhhh! Dd was a muconium baby and needed alot of suctioning and some O2, but was fine, with us and feeding within an hour, I would guess.

2) First week. Milk very slow to come in, hot out, sleepy baby with jaundice, but eventually all fine. Slow to regain, but hanging in without supplementation. Finally milk came in and reflux kicked in! Terrible baby acne(or eczema too, looking back).

3) First year was great, but always on the skinny side, light appetite, reflux if big feed(projectile a whole feed). Frequent, smaller feeds controlled reflux weel, along with sitting upright 20 mins after each feed. I wonder if I knew of allergies if I might have tried some elimination time... One or two colds, maybe. Eczema well controlled with Dove soap, eucarin lotion, and nearly gone by 9 mos. Mostly occ. patches after a single horrible flare. Breasfed exclusively6 mos, and then until 21 mos.



On Feb 6, 2003

Had a fairly uneventful pregnancy, except I had to have 5 ultrasounds. Each time they found some measurement to be border line for something serious. So I would have to go back and have it re-checked, then that potential problem would be OK, but they would find something else. The last thing they found was a low level of amniotic fluid. So they decided to induce me basically on my due date, and I was already in pre-labour. It took about 12 hours, asked for drugs, but told it was too late. The last hour of my labour was during visiting hours and when DH escorted baby to the nursery he got a lot of pats on the back and lots of people saying "your pooor wife". I screamed like a banshee, which a nurse friend of mine told me was good. My DH was trying to make me feel bad later so he said to the doc, wasn't that the worst scene in a delivery room. The doc said he had a woman get up off the table and try to leave. She had had enough, boy can I relate. Had to have an epesiotomy (kids head way to big). He was perfect.

First week of life he just slept, I had to wake him to feed him, I was so engorged. He was a very easy baby, healthy, happy and slept a lot. Although that could be typical, I was just comparing him to his big sister who had been a very demanding baby, who rarely slept.

I told people I would have another child in a heartbeat if I could be guaranteed it would be as easy as him. But he now makes up for it by being the biggest stress in my life. I'm not referring to his PA, he's an adrenaline junkie who knows no fear and is constantly hurting himself. Friend that we go camping with say it wouldn't be an authentic camping trip with our family if our DS wasn't bleeding at least once a day.

------------------ Cynde

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On Feb 6, 2003

Pregnancy uneventful until the last month. At 36 weeks, admitted to hospital for preeclampsia. After a few days, condition worsened, so they enduced labor (piece of cake) 3 1/2 hours later, Mitch was born.

First day--would not suck, so I could not breast feed.

First 5 weeks--pumped breast milk and fed via bottle, supplemented feedings with formula. Vilolent projectile vomiting from certain formulas--Used Lactofree (purple) formula with the most success.

First 10 months--Severe reflux issues. Used Lactofree formula. Would "spit up" 50-75 times a day (I know because the dr. didnt believe me, so I kept a log). Bad eczema as well.

Year 1-2-Uneventful--ate PB regularly, however, still dealing with eczema.

About 2 1/2- First reaction to peanut butter--splotchy hives on his face.

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On Feb 6, 2003

During my pregnacy with Cody the ultrasound tech discovered and enlarged kidney, but told me that it would probably correct itself before the baby was born. My labor and delivery was great, my water broke on its own, and 4 hours later Cody came out. No epidural or any other drugs.

His first week he had to be on a biliblanket for jaundice, and because of a toungue-tie he had problems learning to nurse. A few weeks later he was diagnosed with reflux, (I had to force the doctor to treat this, because he told me I was blowing the hours on end of screaming out of proportion), and he also had his kidneys ultrasounded. The kidney is still enlarged, but after doing more tests, the doctor says it's fine.

Now we are still battling reflux (at 7 months), and we just discovered his PA after he grabbed some peanut butter that was on a sandwich for my older son and broke out in hives.

~Steph, mommy to Deuce(3 years) and Dakota(7 months)

On Feb 6, 2003

My pregancy was uneventful (medically, speaking. I enjoyed large amounts of peanuts, BTW.) My weight gain was at the high end~ about 40 pounds. My dd just didn't seem to want to come out, tho. I was induced 6 days after her due date. L o o o n g labor....forcepts delivery (vacuum unsuccessful). No wonder: 10 pounds 4 oz.

Her first week she slept a lot and had trouble latching on. After several visits by a lactation consultant, we finally figured out how to nurse. She ended up nursing for the next 2 years.

First year: I would describe her as a pretty fussy baby. (As a first-time mom, I didn't realize this until many years later when we had our second child. She seemed so easy compared to our PA dd.) First "significant" reaction occurred at 11 months (long story, it was our first time EVER using a babysitter. Apparently DD picked up a peanut from the floor and put it in her mouth). Anaphylaxis, ER, admission for 24 hour observation.

I ate peanut butter while I nursed (until her reaction, when I stopped, of course). In retrospect, I've wondered if this explains her "fussiness".


On Feb 6, 2003

Conceived through IVF. First 3 weeks after embryo transfer, I was given Progesterone in peanut oil through a HUGE 2 inch needle in my butt, every day.

Found out it was to be twins within first few weeks [img][/img]

Was terribly sick during entire pregnancy - when I waddled into the hospital at 37.5 weeks to be induced I was 10 pounds lighter than the day they transferred the embryos back into me. 3 weeks after the delivery I had lost a total of 40 pounds.

Was given pitosin. I had a vaginal delivery with an epidural. Baby A came out with no problems - Baby B (the PA one) - decided to flip around once he had some room in there, so they had to go in after him & drug him out butt first & face up. He was a in a little distress, but with some massaging and a little oxygen came around just fine.

Both boys were nursing within the hour. I nursed them for 8 months. I ate quite a bit of PB&J sandwiches during nursing for the protein.

Both boys had RSV at 6 weeks. Non PA son was hospitalized for 4 days - PA son stayed at home - lots of fun trying to nurse two boys in two different locations.

PA son was nicknamed Wyatt Urp. He seemed to urp half of everything he ate - but no one would ever worry about it because he was the bigger of the two boys, so they thought he must be getting enough. Looking back - I'm wondering if it was the PB I was eating.

After the RSV - no colds, ear infections or anything else until they were more than two years old.

Boys were given their first (and only) PB&J sandwich at 13 months - PA son took a wild ambulance ride to the emergency room. Awful reaction! Non PA son went and played at the neighbors during all the excitement.

PA child was dx'ed with Asthma at 2.5 years - but it only seems to appear when he's sick with something else - you know the kid, when he gets sick it always goes to his lungs.

Both sons have sensitive skin to soaps and laundry detergents.

PA son just finally got to see an allergist this week - we are waiting on the RAST results now. Non PA son has never eaten any more nuts, and I'm not sure if we'll have him tested too or not.


On Feb 6, 2003

My DS was a planned pregnancy. I got pregnant on the first try.

He was born c/s because DD was breech three years before so he was a repeat section.

I ate PBJ almost every single day of my pregnancy. Who knew?

DS was sick by his fourth day of life, coughing, eating poorly. This continued until he had his tonsils out and tubes in at age 5.

He was diagnosed allergic to peanuts, milk, soy, oats, tomatoes and cod at age 5. By allergy testing, no reactions.

Every night while I breast fed him he would get ONE hive on his wrist. I could never figure that out, I guess I can now.

For every major holiday, every family get together DS was sick, for at least 5 years. Some of our friends never knew he existed because he was always sick at home.

Partly I blame our pediatrician who started him on cow's milk way too early (3 months) I know that now, and solid baby foods at the same time. I think he was exposed to too many foreign proteins too early.

If I had to do it over again I'd have suffered through the breatsfeeding until the police dragged him away from me. I would have never given him cows milk or any solids for a long time.



On Feb 6, 2003

I personally don't think too prying at all.

...describe your pregnancy (with PA child), labor, delivery, in terms of complications or lack thereof. Conditions diagnosed etc.

Pregnancy with Jesse. My first pregnancy. [img][/img] Two false negatives with the home pregnancy test. When I thought I was pregnant with Ember, I didn't buy the home pregnancy test, let the pharmacy do it instead. In August month, so the third trimester, had a urinary tract infection and was worried about going into early labour because of it. Remember going to emerg and was given an antibiotic for it. His labour was induced, although I was already in labour and didn't know it, because he was at least 7 days late. 2 ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy. Amnio. Ultrasound with stress test when I was late delivering. Labour was just over ten hours. Oh, he was also circumcised (or apparently) within the first twenty-four hours. Oh, when he did come out, he was taken away from me and put under a heat lamp for several hours. His skin was extremely dry because he was late and apparently he was cold.

Ember, non-PA, labour for 23 hours, she was 4 days late, and I also had a false labour scare with her when I was 7 months pregnant. Ember, one ultrasound, amnio and then ultrasound with stress test when I was late with her also.

Oh, epidurals with both of them.

Both babies seemed to have difficulty "latching on" and I remember being sent home from the hospital with Jesse with sugar water.

...describe your child's (PA child) first week of life in terms of complications or lack thereof. Conditions diagnosed, etc.

Fine first week for both children, PA and non-PA.

...describe your child's (PA child) first year of life in terms of complications or lackthereof. Conditions diagnosed, etc.

Really non-eventful first years for both PA and non-PA children. Jesse (PA) did everything earlier then Ember did (i.e., crawled, walked, got his first teeth). I breastfed Jesse for 5 months and Ember for only 3 weeks. Jesse was what I consider a colicky baby and lived on gripe water. Ember wasn't. Jesse also seemed to have more difficulty teething (I remember a lot of Anbesol). At 7 months of age, Jesse was "put under" to be re-circumcised. Nothing else during the first year really for either of them.

It wasn't until 18 months of age that Jesse was diagnosed PA and not until 2-1/2 did he have his first asthma attack. Environmental allergies also showed up at 2-1/2. Ember, non-PA, would have had some ezcema as a baby which Jesse, surprisingly, didn't, and I was quite sure that she would develop environmental allergies as young as Jesse did. She didn't until later as well.

Jesse, for his first year was a good eater and would try any of the assortment of baby foods. He didn't really move to grown-up food until he was 18 months old, whereas his sister did when she was a year old.

Also, both started milk right at the age of 1.

Nope, nothing really outstanding, I don't think, or abnormal or different about either Jesse or Ember, during pregnancy or afterward. I gained almost the exact same amount of weight with each child, and curiously, both of them came out weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


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On Feb 6, 2003

Just around the one year mark, I had to take Jesse to some type of specialist because his feet and hands seemed to be more orange in colour than they *should* be. They had to test him to see if he was processing his orange vegetables okay or not (I can't remember what it was all about now). I do know that I was told to limit his intake of orange vegetables to see if the orangeness went away. It did.

Jesse didn't have his first cold or virus until he was 10 months old. Poor wee Ember, of course, having an older sibling, ended up with her first cold/virus really quite young in comparison and at 4 or 5 months of age had full blown stomach flu for which her brother (at 2-1/4) was hospitalized because of dehydration.

Even looking at the years following one, aside from the diagnosis of PA and asthma and Jesse catching every cold or virus that seems to come along, I don't really consider anything terribly eventful or unusual about our lives, if that makes any sense. Ember is definitely hardier as far as viruses go, but then she has the difficulty with her eyes that her brother doesn't have.

I just know that I'm very thankful. [img][/img] I'll go hug them now and they'll wonder if Mama has gone insane (again [img][/img] )

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Feb 6, 2003

Sorry, I didn't see the first year thing. He had bad excema, his cheeks were always bright red. It really cleared up when we moved to the coast, we were in a very dry/cold area before. Other than that no problem.

------------------ Cynde

On Feb 6, 2003

dd is the oldest & not pa, ds is the youngest and has it.

pregnancy was pretty easy with both of them absent the normal morning sickness with dd and extremely tired with ds. Hate to admit but I smoked with oldest, quit when trying for the youngest. I recall eating a lot of lemons with both of them and have always enjoyed pb but don't recall consuming it in large quantities.

dd was 6 days late, ds 9 days late. tried vaginal with both but wound up with c-sections. ds showed some distress before the c-section.

nursed dd 9 months, ds had no problems sucking and actually sucked so hard that i could not take it - he went to the bottle at about 4 weeks.

ds had eczema pretty early on (6 months?) and if he got a cold, it went to his chest and required a doc visit. diagnosed with asthma approx age 4 and pa at 18 monts -- first exposure.

ds was never a good sleeper and has always been an adreniline junkie (started climbing by 9 months!)

On Feb 7, 2003

Pregnancy - at first, nothing out of the ordinary, a little "afternoon" sickness. At about 24 weeks I started having high blood pressure. At 30 weeks, the doctor put me on bedrest - pre-eclampsia. 3 weeks before DS was due I ended up in the hospital on bedrest. Gestational diabetes had set in.

Birth - ARGHHH! The evil doctor who thought that c-section rates were to high in our province wouldn't listen to my pleading for a c-section ( I was RH neg,too). After 56 hours of labour, he decided my pelvis was too small, but it was too late for a c-sec, as DS's head was out. Lost my vision for several minutes due to the skyrocketing blood pressure, evil doctor pulls DS out with forceps. I'm ripped to shreds, DS isn't breathing properly - doctor yells at my husband "go with your son" as they rush him off to the NICU. DS spent the first week in the ICU - broken clavical (SP?), Bell's palsy (possibly from his temple being crushed by the forcep at one point).

We insisted him being breastfed when he was finally off the oxygen - several of the nurses kept reminding us that it was much easier for them to bottle feed. I was afraid after bottle feeding, he might not want to breastfeed. 8 days later he was released from the ICU

Within 4 months, the Bells palsy had disappeared. He threw up a lot, but was a pretty happy baby. No ear infections, a couple of colds...that's about it. small spot of excema.

DD was a booked c-section after the last fiasco!!! She, too spent her first week of life in the NICU with a lung infection and jaundice. An ultrasound had also picked up a cyst on her uterus ( that's how we found out she was a girl!) - but it disappeared shortly after she was born. mae [img][/img] (who still gets birthing pains when I think about my first delivery!)

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On Feb 7, 2003

Both pregnancies went well (only my son is confirmed PA, daughter has not been exposed nor tested).

My son (first one) was induced on his due date. I was forced-dilated to 3 cm before they induced, and 12 hours of labour later, I was at 4cm. ARGH. Luckily, in a sense, at that point things started going badly and I ended up with an emergency csection. Son's heartbeat couldn't be found anymore, and I was bleeding. The placenta has started to abrupt. Son has not suffered though, no lack of oxygen or anything.

For my daughter, I chose a Csection (we get the choice once you've have a csection), and I chose 2 weeks in advance cause I wanted NO LABOR at all! LOL. CSection planned for 7AM, and what do you know? Labor starts at midnight! ARGH. We made it to the hospital at 3:15AM, I was at 5cm. Since I asked, no - demanded, the csection right away, they didn't give me any pain killers. at 3:40, I was at 10, and ready to push. Yet again, heartbeat disappeared, and I was bleeding, so the csection went ahead. Turns out the scar from the first csection split open, and her shoulder was already outside of the uterus. Had I pushed, she'd be dead.

First year was uneventful for both, except for a bit of excema in winter, mainly due to dry heated air. My son's first cold was at 2 years old! Not a single day of sickness before that.

On Feb 7, 2003

Pregnancy: Uneventful other than gaining a whopping 80 pounds! (YIKES) Birth: Vaginal delivery w/epidural. Obgyn had to use vacuum after continued pushing due to an overdose of the epidural! Zoe came out after 2 suctions, didn't breath for about 5 minutes...they had to stick a tube down her throat. She had a large hematoma on her head which lead to jaundice. After d/c from hospital, Zoe's jaundice got worse and had to be readmitted to Children's Hospital for a week; at which time she was given cow's milk b/c I couldn't produce enough breastmilk. First year: Didn't sleep well. Zoe would grunt and push in her crib whenever she slept--the longest was 15 minutes. I had to hold her or have her sleep w/me in bed to let her sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. Her weight and height was great--90th percentile until 9 months. She was diagnosed w/several food allergies (including peanuts) at 9 months when she anaphylaxed to cow's milk. She had bouts of really bad eczema outbreaks due to more food allergens that were not diagnosed but were found out by trial and error w/food introductions. Currently: Zoe is now 2 y/o. Has pretty good skin; still some eczema but not as bad as before. Height and weight in 50th percentile. We're still praying she will outgrow most of her food allergies!

On Feb 7, 2003

Wow. Not too many 'smooth' stories listed here. I'll add another to the bunch.

First pregnancy with boy/girl twins. Labour at 25 weeks, was stopped with drugs. Hospital for weeks and weeks. Home for 2 weeks or so. Labour at 33 weeks or so, stopped with drugs. Admitted. Home for 11/2 weeks readmitted due to concerns with fluid. Asked to be induced 1/2 week early (37 weeks, 3 days-they induce there at 38 weeks) so I could have my own ob. Induced, had dd (non pa I hope) vaginally after 13 hours or so, epidural. Had pa ds 21/2 hours later by section, posterior position, not doing too well, I had a fever.

He came out, sick, not breathing well. Admitted to NICU, lung infection. Lots and lots of antibiotics. Looked premie, seemed sickly, big head and eyes. (but cute of course=)

NICU for 8 days. Breastfed and supplemented as my milk was so long in coming. Hard hard days.

Breastfeeding going well. I didn't eat hardly any peanut butter while nursing, but had some while pregnant.

Diagnosed with external hydrocephaluas at 6 months. (benign extra water on outside of brain, no effects on developing, big head, should resolve itself) He is in 50% or just below for weight and height, 125% for head. Still waiting for it to come down, but doing ok, on a growth curve same as body, but above it. No drugs, benign=)

He had eczema as a baby, nothing major. Both did. Used special cream. Tons of diaper rashes, both.

Now 2, just found out a few weeks ago ds pa. Maybe I'll get dd tested too. See allergist in March.

On Feb 8, 2003

In the beginning. . . I went the midwife route with multiple food allergic ds (2nd child, first ds was pretty easy delivery, so I thought that I'd try the no med route, ha ha ha [img][/img] what was I thinking!). Fairly routine pregnancy, although I was recommended to eat a very high-protein diet, consisting of lots of milk, eggs, and peanut butter (all the things that ds is allergic to). The delivery was nothing out of the ordinary, except when having a 9lb 12oz child, an epidural would have really made the situation much more pleasant. Oh well, live and learn.

From birth, his skin looked red and rashy. He had the seboriasis (sp. cradle cap), and always had rashy patches, to which the ped recommended hydrocortizone cream).

At 4-5 months, we attended a wedding, and he stuck his finger into my cake, touched his face, and everywhere he touched became hives.

At 9 months, he grabbed his brother's discarded empty milk cup and developed hives and breathing difficulty with wheezing (anaphylaxis). At this point, the pediatrician tested him for all major allergens and sent us to Ped. Allergist.

He developed asthma somewhere between 1 yr and 2 yr, with symptoms occurring 3 days following a cold. He was hospitalized once (at 15 mo), although in retrospect, he was fine after the Prelone kicked in. The asthma after a cold was really as issue until he was about 4 y/o. Now, at 6 y/o, he seems to avoid those episodes (knock wood).


On Feb 8, 2003

In the beginning.... during pregnancy went into early labour at 16weeks, and 23/4 weeks. Was told at this point that if labour carried on we would lose him, but thankfully it all stopped. Had three courses of antibiotics because of water infections and a strep infection. I have had trouble in early weeks of pregnancy before , and had a miscarriage at 10 weeks but williams pregnancy was odd, because of the water infections etc, and going into labour a 16 and 24 weeks. William developed a strep infection on 2nd day of birth. But day 8 his skin was dry in patches, by day 10 dry all over, by day fifteen dotor gave him five different creams for different parts of his body and a fungel infection. He had also been on antibotics for strep infection. His longest period of sleep by the time he was 9 months was 20 mins during the day, two separate hours at night. He had excema all over and was moisturised 8-10 times a day, 15 during flare up, was breastfed for 18 months. Had poor weight gain, had about 2 courses of med for skin infections, and a couple of chest infections, inhaler used during tree pollen season, but not asthmatic!!!. Peanut allergy discovered a 1year from touching peanut butter, reaction mild as on regular doses of piriton to control skin and sleep. (bad, bad , bad advice!!!!) Other allergies discovered, egg at 13 months, kiwi at 3 , hospital appointment at 18 months confirmed dustmite, cat , dog , tree pollen, legumes,peanut ,egg etc etc. Always hives nearly every week for unexplained reasons , which finally understood after this appoinment. Hives during car journeys a result of tree pollen in car filters, (no AC!!!!) Other children , N1 antibiotics 3 times. age 11. N2 antibiotics once, now 9 years. N4 never had antibiotics now 4 years. All healthy, birth weights, 9lbs, second 10lbs8oz fourth baby 7lb12oz , william 7lb3oz weight dropped during first week to under 5lbs!!! sarah