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I am a Tampa mother of a 3 yr old PA son who will be starting an Early Education Program in a public school in Nov for delayed speech. I am sure the answer to all my questions have been previously posted but I am about to meet with the school nurse this week.I just found this web site and after reading just a few of the postings I have discovered I am not prepared at all to discuss his allergy with his school. We discovered his allergy the hard way when he was 15 months and up until now only my immediate family members have watched him so I haven't had to worry much about his safety. I am very nervous about trusting others with the resposibility of maintaining a peanut free environment for him but he will benefit greatly from this program so I have little choice in the matter.Any advice (keeping in mind that he is developmentally delayed and does not understand anthing about his allergy himself)for my upcoming meeting with the school would help me a bunch. Thanks in advance -

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On Oct 29, 2002

For starters, why don't you pick some articles to print off from the Calgary allergy site?

here is a link to the alphabetical list of articles:


I like to give out a copy of Peanut Allergy What You Need to Know, which is a good summary article and Anaphylaxis in Schools and Other ChildCare Settings. You can also read some of the articles which outline school policies, etc.

I also print out the instructions from Allerex, which are found at: [url=""][/url]

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On Oct 29, 2002

Go to the Food Allergy website ([url][/url]) and print off an Action Plan for him. It gives you an organized way to present symptoms, meds, important phone #s etc...

They also have other educational materials you can order, but the Action Plan is printable and easy to complete quickly...

On Oct 31, 2002

Thanks for the information - This has helped me out tremendously !