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Hello, I apologize if anyone has already read this on a different topic, I wasn't sure where to post this for help. My son Shane will be 3yrs old this August. Last year, I tried him with a peanut. As soon as the peanut touched his tougue he started to gag. I jumped up to my feet and removed the peanut from his mouth. I grapped a baby wipe and wiped his tougue, I know that sounds weird. I watched him closely, his gagging stopped no more choking. At the time, I was under the impression peanut allergy suffers face just blow up, but he seemed fine. So I waited alittle. Two months later Shane had a peanut cookie, same thing happen. Everyone around me was saying "OH, HE JUST DOESN'T LIKE PEANUTS, HE'S FINE." Though something was telling me they were wrong. I thought I was keeping Peanuts away from him but I was completely wrong. Now, I realize how much stuff has peanut. A few months later he got hold of a girl scout cookie with peanut butter and same thing happen. Also Shane has a severe allergy to dogs. His face swells with hives so bad his eyes close. This dog allergy was getting worse and he was developing nose bleeds while sleeping. His nose bleeds would break his skin around his nose. Also he developed seasonal allergies. I said its time for a allergy specialist. Oh, I forgot. Shane has been dealing with Baby Excema since 4 months of age. Shane can not drink Apple Juice or Orange Juice, he cries for two days (like he has a belly ache). Shane also had two minor surgeries, same location on his body. After saying all this to his allergist, they did a skin prick test. Shane tested positive for 3 different trees, grass, ragweed, dogs, cats, Peanut and Oranges. He was NOT tested for Eggs, Sesame, or Tree Nut. I am overwhelmed. I had no idea with everything that contains peanut. Also I am getting mixed information on certain products .. Like Oreo's. I was told they aren't safe. I didn't see anything on the labe. As reading on here, I'm learning Oreos seem to be safe. My son is not a good eater. Alot of food he gives back to me in the past few months and told me NO. I'm having a hard time with him eating. I'm guessing he didn't feel right and gave back the food. I have notice he even smells or licks food first before he eats something. Any suggestions, info or website would be appreciate. Thanks in Advance, Jennifer

By JenC on Jun 22, 2010

Thank You. I appreciate your help.

I wish my son would eat all you listed. Even things he does eat, he tells me no.

I will look up FAAN, thanks.

By allergymama on Jun 21, 2010

I have some very picky allergy kids too. Try really mild foods for a while. Nothing accidic or spicy. So no fruit, no tomato, no lemonade or sodas for awhile. Give his body a chance to feel better. Feed him buttered pasta, rice, baked chicken, deli meats, grits, cream of wheat, oatmeal. That's just until his belly feels better and you have a better idea of how the allergies work.

I've always been told if you are allergic to peanuts, you should avoid tree nuts. My oldest became allergic to tree nuts over the years.

Look up FAAN. food allergy and anaphylaxis network. They have a lot of good info about food allergies and how to read labels. There are plenty of options.

Finally although your son is only 3, I would start explaining it to him now. Certain foodshurt his belly or make him extra itchy. He's plenty old enough to get the idea. He will eat more if you are confident that what you are serving him is safe for him.

If my PA child had free choice, life would consist of hot dogs, pizza, pasta, macn cheese, cookies, and waffles. Luckily she eats more than just that.

By HealinRN on Jun 30, 2010

Good Morning Jen! We discovered at age 3 the hard way my daughter was anaphylactically allergic to peanuts. Reading labels is your safest way to ensure peanut free products. They are much more strict now with the labeling than when she was 3. She is 18 now. I can tell you she is an avid Oreo consumer. It's really through trial and error at your son's age that you will find foods he likes and are safe. I tried the soy nut butter just to make her feel like she was experiencing the peanut butter thing but she would not touch it. She has developed a safe zone of restaurants and food products that she sticks with. Vacations we would go to the safe restaurants or she just would not eat...She has become highly allergic to peas, a legume, which peanuts are related to. She is also highly allergic to all other nuts. I wish you the best.

By BestAllergySites on Jun 30, 2010

I'm sorry to hear of your son's allergy diagnosis. I know it can be extremely overwhelming.

So you know--US labeling laws state that any packaged food item that contains peanuts must list peanut as an ingredient or the label must say contains: peanuts.

Warning labels like may contains peanuts or processed in a facility with peanuts are optional and not required by law. Some companies put these labels on their products and some do not.

For the companies that DO put those labels--we avoid. For the companies that don't--like oreos--we either call the company to determine what their manufacturing and cleaning processes are, we try, or we avoid.

We have been able to eat oreos fine. I've "heard" that some have had reactions. It's hard to tell whether it's a reaction to potential peanut or another allergen.

Regarding tree nuts--you should discuss that with your allergist. Most peanut allergic individuals are told to avoid because peanuts and tree nuts are usually manufactured in the same facility and there is a risk of cross contamination.

FAAN is a great resource for basic information. AAFA is a great resource for potential free local support groups. Food Allergy Initiative also has some great info.

If you are looking for additional information and safe product ideas--you can ck out my website