in addition to Cindy SC\'s ?- What were you / child eating with last reaction?

Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 4:17am
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pI was wondering what caused the reactions in your child or yourself, the last time you had a reaction? (Or anytime you or your child reacted.)Maybe we can make this a quick read by just posting the food or item and no further exlanation unless needed to clarify /
CN's Mombr /
Alisa /p
pRULDS?Let's talk./p

Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 10:56am
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My son's only major reaction (and first reaction) was after eating 1/2 of a nutter butter cookie. Has had one other slight reaction (I think it was anyway) was when he was in the kitchen while grandma was making peanut butter cookies at Christmas. He didn't eat any, but I think he maybe touched something that had peanut butter on it as his face got blotchy. It never got any worse.

Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 1:34pm
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My last reaction was Thursday. I am touch and smell sensitive and teach toddlers 2 days a week. If I take my Allegra, lunch usually only causes me hayfever type symptoms.
My last minor (ingestion) reaction was to McDonald's cookies.
My last anaphylactic (ingestion) reaction was to cross-contamination at an ice cream parlor years ago.
Logan and Lauren have never reacted to ingestion because they've never ingested peanuts, but each did have various symptoms at the circus last winter.

Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 1:38pm
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My son's last reaction was to inhaling peanut fumes from a baseball game.
Sorry. Was that too long?
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Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 10:40pm
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1st reaction- a nibble of a peanut butter sandwich
2nd reaction- a cross contaminated cookie.
3rd reaction- reacted to skin testing (needed epi)
4th reaction- took a bite of a chocolate bar with almonds(I used the epipen).

Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 11:07pm
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Mmmmm, I've had quite a few, so I'll just go with first and last reactions.
First (age 4) - handling tn/pn in supermarket.
Last (age 19) - chicken satayed in pn (bimbo here didn't realise thats what satayed chicken is satayed in.... [img][/img])

Posted on: Mon, 04/09/2001 - 11:55pm
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1st reaction- straight p.b.
2nd - p.b. cookie touched to lips
3rd - Plain Eggo waffle, but no I did not contact Kelloggs or dig packaging from trash because I was too busy with a sick child!!
(I have now filled in my mom and a friend that if something happens again to save food packaging, etc. because it was just too crazy dealing with the reaction to worry about the food that caused it..)

Posted on: Tue, 04/10/2001 - 1:28am
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For my son--
1st reaction: peanut butter sandwich
2nd reaction: kiss from cousin who ate peanut butter earlier in the day
3rd reaction: dab of peanut butter on his arm (his pediatrician at the time, told me to wait 3 months after his first reaction and put a dab of pb on his arm to see if he'd outgrown it yet--DUH!!)
4th reaction (anaphylactic): ate a piece of Fannie Mae chocolate that was in the same box as other chocolates that contained peanuts/nuts. (My MIL gave him the candy. I was not there.)
He's also had numerous contact reactions.
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