Important question about EPI

Posted on: Thu, 12/20/2007 - 3:59am
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I have been letting my child wear her Epi on belt , for the school year , the temps get below freezing , I feeling like this isn't ok? what todo for school.

Posted on: Thu, 12/20/2007 - 5:04am
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I'm glad more moms are starting to question temperature control of the Epi Pen; I had posted concerns about this awhile back...
I have heard BAD RUMORS that the cold doesn't effect the pens, and one nurse practioner even advised that they'd be safe in the fridge: FALSE!(which I already knew) I called the manufacturer of the epi and spoke not just with a customer service rep, but an actual lab tech who knew the product in and out. I was worried about a camping trip that my PA son had gone on with his father and brother; although my husband kept the pens wrapped in a sleeping bag overnight, i was uneasy with how cold they felt when I unpacked their bags the next day. The rep said that the temp of 59 degrees F (which is listed as the lowest safe temp for Epis) was non-negotiable: TOO COLD TEMPS CAN ALTER THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE EPI -- AND THIS DOES NOT JUST MEAN THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE SPRING MECHANISM THAT DELIVERS THE MEDS, BUT ALSO THE MEDICINE ITSELF. He said they even have temperature controls on the trucks they are shipped to the pharmacies on, so they must be pretty serious about this issue. He advised to get new pens immediately. From what I can tell, cold is a worse fate for Epi pens than heat (so long as they don't cook on top of a radiator or sit directly in the sun). I asked the lab tech for suggestions, and unfortunately, he had none. Apparently there is a pouch made by some company that claims to keep the pens warm enough, but the rep does not make any guarantees. Right now, I keep a set in my purse (at night, I keep my purse in the closet by the front door -- I hung a mercury thermometer in the closet to be assured that the closet didn't get too cold). Another set stays in my medicine cabinet in the kitchen, and a third set is at his preschool (he doesn't carry them on his person, as he is always in one room, and does not switch classes inside of a large school building like many older children). I would not continue to let your daughter carry her pen on her belt in cold weather. If you could look into the pouch I mentioned, or somehow wrap the pens. One guy on this board said he keeps the pen snug inside of the finger of a glove -- I thought this was clever, but not sure if it works. I find it frusterating that the manufacturer had no suggestions. Maybe someone else on this board knows of something. Good luck -- I will be in the same predicament next year!

Posted on: Thu, 12/20/2007 - 7:10am
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My DS wears his in an epibelt under his shirt, under his coat, next to his back. I've been comfortable with them staying warm enough this way. When I go out and I'm carrying them I keep them in an inner coat pocket - again they always have stayed warm this way. We can get really cold where we live. I probably wouldn't feel comfortable if his epibelt was exposed directly to the cold air.
I agree that its very frustrating that there isn't some sort of pouch or something that can maintain a stable temp. for the epis (although I find it harder in the summer, trying to keep them cool).

Posted on: Thu, 12/20/2007 - 7:10am
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Thanks for your reply,
I also called epi after posting, it clearly gets too cold here to wear outdoors in the winter, it gets well below 30 here, oh, canada! however , the principal and I looked at every epi in the office and they all looked exactly the same, I think the plastic used on epi pens is slightly foggy , where the twinject is chrystal clear, I have decided during winter the epi's need to be kept in for recess, I will look into a thermal carrier or perhaps make one for winter. UHG!

Posted on: Thu, 12/20/2007 - 8:17am
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My daughter wears hers over her shirt usually depending on the shirt of course, with a big warm coat in an epibelt, I have just looked into thinsulate , they have different gram weights , just to esure warmth , on those days that are so cold , I think I will make a little cozy for the epi belt , I will post a picture link when I get it made, a Christmas holiday project.

Posted on: Thu, 12/20/2007 - 11:44am
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So I searched out some Thinsulate fabric from my local fabric store, doubled it up , covered it with polar fleece and sort of quilted it , added a velcro strip to hold it on.
I have posted pictures on my blog about it , if you would like to see my little EPI MUFF stop on by. [url=""][/url]
Let me know what you think , my kiddy is sleeping , so we will see what see what she thinks in the morning. Wish me luck.

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