immunotherapy for pa child

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Hello. I have a PA son that is currently in HS. And wants to know if someone has done the immunotherapy and had a reaction. My son is unable to go to any area that sells peanuts even if he is not around it. He will always have some kid if stomach reaction. We have been told that if you are are that sensitive you are more likely to have a reaction to the immunotherapy. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you

By peanutallergy88 on Feb 18, 2015

Hi there! I'm anaphylactic to peanuts and have been a part of the Viaskin peanut patch study. When I first started the study I was able to tolerate only 144 mg of peanuts and suffered a life threatening reaction (in the doctor's office). After two years of being on the patch I could tolerate 440 mg of peanut and had a non-life threatening reaction. I am still part of this study so am hoping to continue to see an improvement. The benefit of the patch is that it is extremely low risk.