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I'm just wondering if anyone has tried any of the new products listed by I.M.Healthy? They now advertise on this site so I checked out their new varieties.

The chocolate flavoured one looks good and I'm interested in the low carb one(creamy of course).

I called them today and asked about prices for shipping since our Loblaw's only carry the creamy and crunchy and no other varieties.

If anyone has tried the new chocolate one or the honey soynut butter or low carb one, please let me know. TIA!

On Mar 23, 2004

My kids love the IM healthy honey soybutter. They won't let me buy the plain anymore.

On Mar 23, 2004

My family loves the honey one! We were happy with the creamy orignal, then I found the honey and it's the one I buy now. When I first heard about I.M. Healthy none of my stores had it, so I ordered it off the internet. I tried the chocolate and we all took one bite and tossed the rest in the garbage. I love pb and chocolate (use to anyway) but the soybutter and chocolate was terrible.

On Mar 23, 2004

I know there's a previous thread that says the chocolate is wonderful. I have a jar of the chocolate in the pantry but haven't opened it yet. I'm the only real "chocoholic" in the family. When I was at Kroger's in Staunton, VA, I found the chunky and the honey but only bought the chunky as I thought the honey would be too sweet. The chunky is nice for a change but it makes me think of the "chunks" as being little sugar cubes. Don't know why but...??? DH and others in our family who have tried it don't think that way. In fact, my nephew loves the stuff and he's not PA! My PA DS, 5 years old, won't even try it--looks too much like peanut butter. He won't even try the chocolate. I don't press him. It's for those of us who want an easy and quick meal/sandwich within my "safe comfort zone!"

On Mar 24, 2004

I tried the honey and it's very good but I think I like the original better.

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On Mar 24, 2004

I never send it to school due to it looking like PB. But I never tried the chocolate. If it looks different, that might be an option. I just like to resist sending too many treat like things for my dd, as it tends to cause even more pickyness and preference for sugar laced foods! But we are getting desperate for a protein in her lunch that she will eat(when in aftercare at preschool).

Anyone find other flavors in MA? I only find regular flavors and get Trader Joe's soy butter regularly. becca

On Mar 24, 2004

We just tried the regular flavored one last week, and I and my hubby like it. Our PA son (almost 3) doesn't. However we are going to keep a small jar on hand now, as we both miss PB on toast with milk as a late night snack and this is a good substitute for us.

May I add, I don't think that this tastes at all like PB, but it is good on toast. We prefer the chunky kind, but will have to try to low-carb and other flavors next time around.

On Dec 1, 2005


On Dec 1, 2005

i use golden pea butter