Imaginary Allergies

Posted on: Fri, 09/03/1999 - 7:09am
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The Arizona Republic 9/2/99 ran a paragragh on the front cover of the Healty Living section called "Imaginary allergies":

Only about 1 percent of Americans have genuine food allergies. Even so, about 20 percent believe that they have such allergies. Ninety percent of food allergies involve just a few substances, such as protins in cow's milk, egg whites, peanuts, wheat or soybeans. It's true that children are 10 times as likely as adults to have food allergiew, which they usually outgrow by age 6.

Compiled by Thomas Ropp of The Arizona Republic

Although there is a helpful statement regarding peanut allergy, it is certainly not something you outgrow. I am most offended by the articals title, which I am sure was chosen to gain attention. I would also have liked to see a stronger statement regarding extreem cases. I intend to write to them regarding this artical, and find out what information it was compiled from.

Posted on: Sun, 09/05/1999 - 8:05am
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pRenee,br /
Could you please post the article and an address we could write a response to?br /

Posted on: Sun, 09/05/1999 - 10:05am
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pRenee,br /
I haven't read the specific article that you have sited in your post but I have read various other articles regarding the same subject. Most of the articles I have read have not been offensive to me. They basically just state that many people out there believe that they have some type of food allergy when they really have some sort of intolerance. If you ask the general population if they have a food allergy, 20% may reply that they do, when in reality they don't. Many people who are lactose intolerant will respond that they have an allergy to milk. People who have reflux disease may "think" they have an allergy to tomatoes. Others think they are allergic to chocolate because their face gets a few zits when they eat it. Truly though, if those people were tested, they would not be allergic--the food just doesn't sit well with them. This article that you site, along with the ones I read, seem to be just trying to educate people on what is an allergy versus an /

Posted on: Sun, 09/05/1999 - 4:44pm
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pI tried to find the article and didn't have any luck. I, also, would be interested in finding the article and sending a reply./p
pI become annoyed when peanut allergies are under the title of Imaginary Allergies./p
pMy math is not very good, but if "ONLY" 1 percent of Americans have food allergies, isn't that somewhere around one million people? That's a lot of people with allergies!/p
pSue in Sunny Arizona/p

Posted on: Mon, 09/06/1999 - 9:33am
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pI wrote to [email]Susan.Felt@PNI.COM[/email]. She sent me a reply thanking me for my response, acknowledging that food allergies are on the rise, and asking what I wanted them to do. If I wanted them to run a correction. Any suggestions on how I should reply?/p

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