I\'m sick of getting the run around!


I've called Heinz many times before and I always seem to talk to the same (older) lady. I get the "we list for cross contamination etc". Well I just called on some College Inn Chicken broth and get the "we don't label for x-cont yet...I've noticed more and more brands are though". I told her that I've called a ton of times and get a DIFFERENT answer.

This girls name was Megan..so if anyone wants to call, that's who I got. I wish I knew a YES or NO answer.

On Sep 26, 2007

It just amazes me that manufacturers aren't prepared for this call. With all the label laws and the potential liability, they must be aware of allergies and they should have something standard prepared for their customer service people, even if it is just a useless CYA allergy statement. You shouldn't have to call 10 people and get 10 different answers.

At least it makes you more aware of what you're potentially putting into your body. If the manufacturer can't tell you exactly how it's made and exactly what's in it, who knows what else is in there? A lot of those flavorings and dyes come from China and other hard-to-track sources.

On Sep 26, 2007

Hi MommyMegan, Remind me again what allergens you are avoiding. I thought awhile ago, they said your tests were negative? I'm so discombobulated lately that I don't remember the final verdict! Yes, I agree that calling manufacturers can be so frustrating. You feel like you're being eye rolled through the phone. I can't help you with the chicken broth because I don't remember what you're avoiding. I use College Inn, we avoid nuts & peanuts.

On Sep 26, 2007

I'm avoiding PN/TN and Sunflower Oil. My blood tests came back negative. But I don't feel safe eating it just yet. I want to do a food challenge or skin test.

I actually called about College Inn and got told they don't label for x-cont.

On Sep 26, 2007


When you called College Inn were you told that they use the ingredients you are avoiding in any their products?

When I called approximately a year ago they didn't seem to use the ingredients we avoid so the cross contamination issue was not a concern.

I know things can change, so if you don't mind, please let me know .

On Sep 26, 2007

I basically said that we have pn/tn allergies and wanted to know if there was any chance of x-cont and they said they didn't label for x-cont.