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I'm Allergic! - Multi Lingual Handout

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I think it would be a great idea for all the travellers out there (me the first one on the list) to have a handy, multi lingual "cheat sheet" of all the different ways of saying

"I'm very allergic to peanuts. Are there peanuts in this?".

That would help out a LOT during travels in foreign countries.

So if anyone speaking a different language than englsh could write in this thread all th different variants in seperate language posts, it could become the best thing any PA traveller could pack in his suitcase. Hope this helps many!

By Markalark on Mar 17, 2009

To start it off:


"Je suis très allergique aux arachides. Y a t-il des arachides dans ceci?"

By sidni on Mar 17, 2009

Add to that : aux amandes (to almonds), aux noix (nuts), aux noix de cajou (cashew), aux noisettes (hazelnuts)

German: Ich bin sehn sehr allergisch gegen / Ich habe ein sehr starkes Allergie gegen: (I am very allergic to / I have a very strong allergy to)

Nüßen / Erdnüssen /Mandeln / Cashewnüssen / Walnüssen / Pekannüssen / Haselnüssen (nuts / peanuts /almonds / cashews/ walnuts / pecans/ hazelnuts)

Enthalt dies Nüssen? (does this contain nuts?) or even, Gibt es Nüssen? (Are there nuts?) Kann ich das essen? (Can I eat that?)

On a package, you might see the aforementioned nut words without the final N, or with this an ßin place of the "ss" in the middle.

By jenniferbfab on Mar 18, 2009

Allergy Free Passport has these online. See this link: http://www.allergyfreepassport.com/traveling/translations.html

By MrMoose on Mar 18, 2009

There are free cheat sheets and more available free from a non profit organization at www.killerpeanut.com. They have about 22 languages and cover peanuts and many other foods. Perfect for traveling. They even have a small mobile web site that you can get translations on.