I\'m a newbie here


Hello...I'm a newbie here on this board. My 2 year old daughter, Faith, had her first reaction yesterday. The poor kid looked like someone punched her in both eyes & her face was red & swollen with a rash. Thank god I recognized it as some kind of allergic reaction & gave her benedryl. Between her babysitter and myself we came down to the conclusion that it was the sitter's peanut butter sandwich that Faith had eaten that caused the reaction. This kid usually doesn't like peanut butter, has never really eaten any. Now her doctor is putting her on an epi pen...I'm kind of afraid of that. My daughter is really squeamish when it comes to all things medical. Well, anyway...I just wanted to introduce myself. Thanks for letting me vent!!

On Jul 3, 2002

Glad you found us! Feel free to ask lots of questions -- it's how we've all learned.

I'll share one quick tip: When you're carrying an Epi-pen in the heat of the summer, try keeping a few of the Flavor-Ice style popsicle things in with them to keep the Epis in the appropriate temperature range.

It's also not the time of year to keep an Epi in the glove compartment the family car! They will "cook" in short order.

(Note: I am not suggesting eating the Flavor Ice pops, as I haven't ever called to see if they're "safe" or not -- we use a fruit juice brand that's similar in size and shape. It tucks in our med bag nicely, and refreezes quickly. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img])

Have a happy Fourth --


On Jul 4, 2002

Hi Faith. Welcome!

Just another "tip" to consider-- I wish I had taken more photos of my DD when she showed her allergtic symptoms. I have one taken when she was 3, and it is VERY powerful to her teachers when I do my annual talk with her school staff. Now that she is 8, she would HATE even the thought of me taking her picture to document how horrible she looks. Do it while they're young and don't mind... you'll be glad you did down the road.

Best wishes, Gail

On Jul 5, 2002

Thank you both so much for the tips. I'm still trying to get over the shock of her first reaction.

Something I was wondering...is soybean oil safe? I have a friend with a child with PA, and she said she has never had a problem with soybean oil, but I read somewhere that it can cause a reaction. So far so good with us...the only thing that has caused a reaction was peanut butter. Faith loves chips and icecream and both have soy in them.

Again...thank you!


On Jul 5, 2002

Hey, thanks for the Flavor-Ice tip on keeping the Epi cooler. At the July 4th celebrate yesterday it was unbearable and I am sure the Epi in my pouch was too warm.

There is a thread on them (the flovor-ice pops) on this board and the general thought is that they are safe.

My Pa/Tna has eaten tons with no trouble.

And welcome to the newbie!