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Hello! I have an 11 month old dignosed with a peanut allergy at 9 months. I ate alot a peanut butter when I was pregnant and nursing (I nursed for 7 months). I am feeling overwhelmed and guilty. I am trying to learn everything I can. I feel comfortable now because I stay at home with my son, but I am thinking about working part time in the fall and I am very nervous about sending him to daycare.

On Apr 1, 2001

Welcome to the forum (I am also relatively new to the forum, although my 4yr old son was diagnosed 2 years ago.) Please do not feel guilty...no one knows for sure why some children become PA and some are not. (I have 4 yr old triplets, rarely ate peanuts or peanut butter and one of them is PA.) It is scary sending them off into the world, but my 4 year old has been in preschool and numerous park district classes,etc over the past 2 years,and so far, no accidental exposures. It takes work on my part (educating his teachers, etc.) but it can be managed! Take care.

On Apr 1, 2001

Hi, I am new to this site also. I am just like you I ate a ton of Peanut butter when I was nursing until my daughters diagnosis. When I was pregnant it made me sick so I didn't eat it. Maybe that was a sign. While I was nursing and eating it her face would break out with terrible eczema and I couldn't figure out why. She was getting it through the milk plus the shampoo I was using had nuts in it and was making her miserable. I enrolled her in a Mothers Morning Out program and they were very aware of her allergy but her teacher was very relaxed about it and would not wash the other childrens hands after lunch and there would be days that I would pick her up with hives all over her face so I pulled her out. I am nervous to do this but I plan to put her in another program in the fall. They are much more in tune to things (I hope) and have a better reputation for things like that so I hope it is never a problem. It shouldn't be for your either. Just make a list of all of the no no's.

Good luck!