Il Giardino, VA Beach


I had a great experience at [url=""]Il Giardino[/url] in Virginia Beach, VA, this week. It's a very nice Italian restaurant near the waterfront.

I have a severe soy allergy and a latex allergy and I'm vegetarian, but I was accomodated wonderfully. The owner spoke to me on the phone and offered to have the chefs make whatever I wanted, though he suggested eggplant parmigiana. It was great--some of the best I've had. The two waiters we were given double-checked everything.

When I decided to try to order desert (something I can rarely have, due to contents of crust, canned whipped cream, chocolate, etc), I asked about peanuts. My peanut allergy is NOT severe and I don't react to trace amounts, so I hadn't made a big deal about it before. The waiter quickly and vehemently told me they use NO peanuts at all. I didn't ask for clarification, but if someone would like to try going there, you could easily call and verify the safety.

I had the NY style cheesecake (crustless, so no worries about graham crackers) with strawberries and whipped cream. It was delightful.