Been reading everyones' 504 plans, but would like to see someones' IHP. Not sure which way to go for kindergarten. Meeting with teacher, principal and nurse first to see if they want to go to war or not. They all seem very receptive to our needs. Looks can be deceiving, i know. So i'ld love to see the general format of a Ihp, compared to a 504. Any help is appreciated. Thanx, Trish

On Jul 23, 2005

We started with an IHP and the actually workings of the plan remain the same. The only difference, i think, is that with 504 it is considered a legal document that the school must follow. Our school said an IHP was also legal and they had to follow but there is nothing to legally back that thought up. If they are receptive you could start down the ihp because it is usually the same ideas and then just offically designate it 504. imo, I say do the 504. Do it before they say ihp works why change it. I do not know how to link sites but read the why not getting a 504 is a disservice post. lots of good info from experienced people. Best wishes an good luck