IHP or 504 in Massachusetts?


For those of you with children in public schools in Massachusetts, are you using an IHP or Section 504 plan? And how happy are you with what your using?


On Jul 29, 2003

Bumping this up in hopes of getting some response...We're just entering the public school system and ours doesn't seem to use 504 plans for food allergies. They use the IHP. Does anyone else in MA have school age children with PA? What are you using?


On Jul 29, 2003

We're in Connecticut and our son's plan is labeled "Individualized Health Care Plan". The second line is "Is this a 504 Accommodation Plan" with a yes or no box. His is checked off as a yes. Hope this helps.

On Jul 30, 2003

Thank you, Janet! Did the school nurse write your plan? How involved were you?


On Jul 31, 2003

It took a few meetings to get the plan put together. My husband and I took in an outline of what we wanted-similar to ones posted on these boards. We went through it item by item and the nurse wrote it up using their form and way of organizing the material. So we were very involved. We go over it every year. A few changes due to son becoming older and more responsible.

As an aside - we didn't agree with the school's handling of transportation. Many postings on this issue a few years ago. By the 2nd grade we agreed with the whole plan-got what we wanted in the first place. Good luck.

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