If he has had a food and not reacted is it safe?


My son was recently diagnosed with a PA and my allergist told me to remove all peanut butter and nut products from the home. I told him that I had been giving him honey nut cheereos and honey nut chex mix for a while and he said that I should stop to be safe. I'm guessing from x-contamination since he obviously isn't allergic to tree nuts. So my question is... If he has been eating this stuff for quite a while, do I really need to worry? I have removed everything to be safe.... it just doesn't make sense to me though.

By Spoedig on Feb 6, 2009

Have you done any research into food allergies? There are many good books, etc. I really think it would be helpful for you to understand allergies and then make a more informed decision. Also, I would get a clear answer from your doctor as to why he does want the honey nut items removed from your home and child. It is dangerous to "guess" at the reason.

I have a 12 year old who is peanut/treenut allergic. The peanut showed up at age 1. He was not officially diagnosed with treenut until at least 8. As to the "he has been eating the stuff, do I really need to worry" part. My mother became shellfish allergic after age 70 . She spent her adult life enjoying these items frequently.

In my opinion, all allergic "reactions" are not obvious, as you will read about. Something as "simple" as a runny nose can be from food allergies.

My son has been reaction free since age 5 -- I am very careful with prepared food allowed in our house. I make 95% of the food he eats and we allow NO chocolate in our house due to cross-contamination risks.

By kcooper247 on Feb 7, 2009

I think your doctor's right about that. When I was 30 something, I had a salad at Souper Salad in essence a salad bar. The only thing different was some sunflower seeds. Well, I was eating and within ten minutes I started coughing and hacking, not know what was going on. I even went and vomited up the rest of it. I went to my car to get my inhaler and or epipen that I carried just in case the inhaler didn't work. I had no idea what was going, but after I settled down. I asked if I could get another salad, but I got one without the sunflower seeds. A co-worker told me that I should stay away from all nuts, but I didn't pay any attention since. I thought it was an isolated incidence. So a week later at work. I had a peanut butter cheese cracker only a bite, within minutes I started coughing and couldn't stop so I got my asthma inhaler, but couldn't catch my breathe to use it so I used my epipen at that time it was in a vial, but hadn't used enought so. I didn't know I could have given another shot so I got carted off to ER in an ambulance, after that I was tested and it came back PA. It was very bad back then. So I said all this to say that the allergies could be wide spread. Since then they are not quite as several, but its still there if I consume alot.

By scmom24 on Feb 9, 2009

Thank you for the response. I am trying to do my research. Obviously since my son has been diagnosed with an allergy that can kill him I want to know everything I can about it. That was the point of the post, I was hoping to get information from other people that are dealing with this allergy or have children dealing with it. It is one thing to read that all nuts should be avoided and to get the dry clinical side of it... it is another to hear from people in the thick of it. I am just looking for support, I am one week into this and am realing trying to figure it all out. I am very careful about reading labels now and have removed everything nut in my house. I want nothing more than to provide the safest environement for my son. I am not planning on going out and buying anymore honey nut anything... I am just trying to keep myself from freaking out too bad.

By cathlina on Feb 12, 2009

My allergist emphatically told me to avoid ALL nuts due to cross contamination. 56 year old PA since age 29.