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Posted on: Sat, 07/14/2007 - 12:43am
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My son is starting Kindergarten this Fall. He does NOT have a peanut butter allergy, but is a very picky eater. He is getting better, lately, at trying new things, but it's a slow and arduous process.
I was recently asked by a mother if I would resent peanut butter being banned from schools, and I answered that yes, I would resent it.
However, if it's your kid's life or mine's food comfort, it is easy to see which one comes first.
The reason I need suggestions is because I am packing my son's lunches and am not overly creative.
I'm also concerned about how many things DO have peanut butter in them, or were made where peanuts are also put into other things. I feel it limits my options considerably. I've read a bit of this site, and have seen some parents say "may contain" is ok, whereas others freak out (understandably).
Let me give some examples of what lunches I would send to school with my son would normally be:

a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (I am buying some Nutella to have him try today), a small baggie of pretzels, a bag of apple slices, and a bag of carrot sticks, with milk.

A turkey and cheese sandwich, pringles, celery sticks, a banana.

There are a couple of examples.
Though I do have concern for your child, I do not want to have to change my life style to check every single lable on every single thing I send to school with my kids.

Also, we have peanut butter ALOT with breakfast. My son brushes his teeth after he eats, and I'm not comfortable taking it away from his lunch AND breakfast.

On a final note (and I really hope I haven't ****** anyone off, my intent truly IS to learn), does anyone know why allergies are becoming more prevalent?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have an inkling of how I would feel if it were my child with the allergy.

That's part of why I wish we could still send home-made stuff to school. Then I could send you a list of every single thing in the recipe.

Thanks in advance.

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