Idaho potatos


Yes I'm worried about potatos..Is there a reason to worry about any packages of potatos..I wanna start a healthier eating pattern and baked potatos sound delicious right now.

On Oct 9, 2007

Sorry about the color!

On Oct 9, 2007

MommyMegan, I just wanted to add that my dd has always had potatoes with no reaction in our experience.

On Oct 9, 2007

You mean plain old dirty potatoes you wash and then bake?

My son 22 just started eating baked potatoes (picky with good reason right?) and he does fine.

I imagine you'll wash the outside really well. Should be OK.


On Oct 11, 2007

I use to worry about potatoes because the bin of peanuts was right smack dab next to them and i know dust got on them. i wash with dish soap and water.

On Oct 22, 2007

Apparently you have to call the place listed on the package to see if there's x-cont. and the one where I called said there's only potatoes in the facility.