ID Braclet


I bought a ID braclet through Medic Alert that was so post to be a "kid size". When we got it this week I was so excited , I think more then my DD anyway after putting it on my DD I found that I did not like how it looked b/c it was so big on her. So I took it to the jewerly store and they suggested a chain. Now I wear one and I hated the chain SO I suggested attaching it to a charm braclet which reminds me of a watch band. Guess what DD LOVES IT!!!:) I Love it and so does hubby! I am so happy and wanted to share just in case there is anyone out there that has had the same problem . It cost me $10.00 and as DD grows we can add links to make it bigger and tey cost about $2.oo each so this is a great option even for the little little ones!! You do not ever have to take it off for bath or bed time and it will never smell like the band will. And the best part is you still have a piece of mind because you are still attached with Medic Alert. Hope this helps someone!!!!

On Oct 13, 2007

Nice idea, maybe you could post a picture of your daughter's arm so we can see how it works. If you go to you can upload a pix easily and post the IMG file here. If you keep your daughter's face out of the picture you can feel safe leaving it here for all of us to see. Peg