Ice Cream Flavors

Posted on: Sat, 01/03/2004 - 1:28pm
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If someone opened a Nut Free Ice Cream Store in your area what kind of Ice Cream would you want? (My dd (3 years old) walked by a Cold Stone Creamery Store today (an Outdoor mall) and said I don't want ice cream - I told her we could make it at home (safe) she understands - she just doesn't know why no one makes kids treats like ice cream safe. So what would you want?

Posted on: Sat, 01/03/2004 - 1:39pm
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I would also want it to be egg free, but other than that, do you mean flavors?
Dd would want chocolate. I like mocha varieties, and butter crunch was a childhood favorite in addition to regular chocolate. However, I like a good old fashioned sundae with vanilla, hot fudge and whipped cream.
I really like ice cream, all kinds, so it would not matter a great deal. Just would be great to find a safe place, wouldn't it? becca

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2004 - 1:10am
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If you are familiar with Dairy Queen,we would want the regular flavours Vanilla, chocolate ect but in Dairy Queen Style.
The blizzards and all the fancy stuff are so good and my son would love to try them!

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2004 - 3:23am
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My favorite flavors of ice cream are coffee, butterscotch, and french vanilla. I havent' had any of them in a long time and just thinking of them I'm starting to drool! [img][/img]
I really should learn to make my own.

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2004 - 3:58am
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Mango ice cream is delicious, I had it once when we were camping.
I also like Baskin and Robbins Chocolate Mousse Royale, but I haven't had it for years.

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2004 - 3:59am
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Quote:Originally posted by becca:
[b]I would also want it to be egg free, but other than that, do you mean flavors?
[i]Good Point[/i]. I wonder how the Milk Allergic Crowd feels? As I believe it is a spectrum issue. How far should a company go? *Me*, I just want to know specifically what is in an item, and if there is any chance/opportunity of cross contamination. ie: Manufactured on......, Made in a Facility......., May Contain..........., Processed on........, etc. And *I* rather have error on the side of caution. As I can't speak for anyone other than myself and as my children's legal guardian, them. And only to a point. Are there some "specialty" companies that cater to the PA/Nut allergic sector? Other FA's?
Disclaimer: I am not offering advice in any manner or form.

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2004 - 10:48am
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From my perspective, it's more like, what [b]wouldn't[/b] I want! I guess my first choice would be coffee or coffee chip. Then a really rich, dark chocolate. To tell the truth, pretty much anything except pistachio - it's the only flavor I've tried that I didn't like at all. I also prefer my ice cream smooth, without a lot of chunky stuff in it, with the exception of Cookies 'N Cream type stuff.
Uh-oh, slobbering on the keyboard now.

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2004 - 11:00am
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MB, some ice cream is egg free by nature of how it is made or its recipe(as it would be nut free), not as an elimination of an ingredient. So, I guess I am not thinking how far should a company go when I say that. But they would need to not use shared equipment or scoops for some folks, but we actually just read labels to avoid eggs.
I actually use 2 brands that have flavors without eggs in the recipe. becca

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2004 - 11:35am
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DD got an "Artic Twist" machine for Christmas that will allow us to make safe "blizzard type" ice cream treats with no cross contimination worries. We can use our fave brands of safe ice cream (or make our own) and mix in the candies or chocolates. It does not work for gummy type candies, but we can use York patties, Canadian Smarties/Kit Kats/Crisps, Vermont Nut Free chips, plus all sorts of fruit. That was something she had always wanted to try, since the ads look so good on TV, and I think that now that she has had it (not it does not make tasty stuff!) some of the mystery is gone and she hopefully can refuse that sort of thing at resturants in the future with less regret.
I think those Cold Water Creamery things look great and I guess that even with the Artic Twist option here at home for mix in type ice cream, I'd like a nut free store like that. That ice cream must be super premium too - tons of cream.
I also love the "holiday" ice cream flavors like peppermint, gingerbread and eggnog. Maybe somewhere that those choices were available year round would be good!

Posted on: Mon, 01/05/2004 - 6:38am
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Vanilla with Smarties mixed in and mint choc. chip.

Posted on: Thu, 01/08/2004 - 9:05am
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Some favorites would be vanilla, chocolate, peach, peppermint, mint chocolate chip, and black cherry.
You could have chocolate, caramel, and fruit toppings and things like Smarties, too.


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