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Argh. A friend of mine wants an ice cream cake for her birthday party (Saturday) and emailed to ask if I know of any places that make ones I could eat safely.

The only place I know of that makes PA-safe ice cream cakes (from someone's posts here) is in New Jersey. We're in Oregon (Portland, if that makes any difference).

Any suggestions?

On Oct 30, 2008

I don't know if the franchise Rita's makes cakes and I don't know if there is one near you but it's worth a shot.

We make our own ice cream cakes frequently. It's easy. You can find several recipes on the web. They are great made layered with crushed oreos or other cookies.

Best of luck,


On Nov 13, 2008

Here in Ct, we can buy frozen friendly ice cream rolls at the grocery stores that are delicious and nut-free. This year was the first time my 8yo dgtr ever ate ice cream cake!

On Nov 14, 2008

The jubilee rolls contain nuts though. I called to find out if they are made on a separate line from the other Friendly's ice cream rolls and could not get a definitive answer. That scares me. But, in Friendly's defense, they did tell me they test for peanut allergen after cleaning the machines--that surprised and impressed me! Who'da thunk it?

On Nov 14, 2008


After I'd done hours of research, given her the information, and even volunteered to make the damn cake myself if none of the stuff I found was to her liking, she decided it wasn't worth the trouble of dealing with ahead of time and just ran to the grocery store the day-of, where she bought a cake I couldn't eat.

Why. Even. Bloody. Bother.

On Nov 14, 2008

Gosh. That stinks.