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I only let my PA child eat vanilla ice cream. I know all ice-creams read "May contain" however Presidents Choices Vanilla never did. I give it to him sometimes under my watchful eyes, but is there any known ice-creams out there that are peanut or other nuts safe? P.S. also give him sorbert rainbow from Pres. Choice. and he hasn't ever had a reaction yet.

On Nov 17, 2001

Smack: Ice cream is a tough one! We use Ben & Jerry's "World's Famous Vanilla". My suggestion to you is to do a search on here for ice cream and read all about it. Many PA people choose to make their own with ice cream makers.

I have yet to find a safe "dixie cup" (individual size) ice cream cups to use for school parties etc. I am always contacting companies and searching for safe ice cream.

I just found out that "Luigi's" Italian Ices are nut free. I have not tried them yet and will look for them in the store next time I shop. Good luck!

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On Nov 17, 2001

My PA son loves Luigi's - unfortunately our market does not get them on a regular basis, so we stock up when they do have them.


On Nov 19, 2001

I called Deans ice cream they make ice cream cups as well as other varieties. When I first called the woman told me there is no ice cream run on dedicated lines, I then was transfered to the plant in downstate Illinois and the I bieleve superviser said that the vanilla, and ice cream sandwiches are run on a line that only runs the cups and ice cream sandwiches, the cups are a fudge swirl that he said he would have to check on the fudge but that was added after it same off the machine that was processing the ice cream and they have a sherbert, orange. Now I would encourage everyone to please not take my word and contact them yourselfes their number is 1-800-395-7004. Distributed by Dean Foods, I would ask to call the plant in downstate Illinois can't remember the town. My kids who are peanut and tree nut allergic eat these cups with no problem.

On Nov 19, 2001

I see that you are writing from southern Ontario. You should be able to find Chapman's ice cream products in your area. In Kitchener-Waterloo, where I live, almost all the grocery stores carry their products.

The ice cream in the cardboard cartons (about 30 flavours), the ice cream sandwiches, and all the ice lollies (their version of popsicles) are safe for PA people.

Chapmans has an excellent explanation of its policy with regard to peanuts and other nuts on the company website, [url=""][/url] They don't even allow employees to bring nut products in their lunches!

Good luck finding Chapman's products Sarah

On Nov 20, 2001

I use Breyer's vanilla and Dean's vanilla, and also Dean's mini ice cream sandwiches. He has been eating them his whole life without a problem. One thing I like about Dean's is that any of their flavors with peanuts or peanut oil include a warning after the ingredient list, along with a *picture* of a peanut! Very easy to spot!

On Nov 21, 2001

Sandra, I checked Breyers already and the plain old vanilla had a "May have come in contact with peanuts or other nuts" so I don't bother with Breyers just in case. Anyway, Hannah I did check out the Chapman's and bought some. I called them last year about there ice-cream and looked it up on the net because I had bought the rainbow kind-van,choc,strawberry. Well I didn't have much luck with the rep's there about the so it left a bad impression. I had always bought like I said the Pres.Choice vanilla but I know they don't label there stuff so I stopped. Thanks guys!

On Nov 22, 2001

What a difference a good/bad customer service rep can make. My dealings with Chapmans have been via the web site and e-mail and I've been impressed. They make the only ice cream and frozen treats my daughter eats. Tiger-tail (orange/licorice) is her current fave!

On Nov 23, 2001

My son is also allergic to milk so ice cream is a no-go for us. But, the Edy's Whole Fruit Lemon Sorbet is really good and it's dairy, soy, gluten, and peanut free (at least according to Edy's). So, something else you might want to try. Warmly, Julie B.

On Jun 14, 2002

From all the messages about ice cream i saw that a lot of people feel comfortable only with vanilla. Is chocolate a bigger problem? Does anyone have any experience with this? i also saw a post about the recall on edy's girl scout samoa cookies, has anyone hadd any problems or reactions with other edy's products?

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On Jun 14, 2002

It's my impression that chocolate ice cream is a problem because manufacturers tend to run this flavor last on their production lines. This is because any bits of flavor residue left behind is covered-up by the strong chocolate flavor. Vanilla tends to run first, before any other flavor.

On Jun 14, 2002

We eat Edys Vanilla, Ben and Jerry's stuff w/o nuts (Carmel Sutra, SNAFU, KaBoom, Festivus are faves) and a big variety of popsicles, cream sicles and ices.

Ben and Jerry's has won awards for their allergy awareness and even in the ice cream shops the managers get special training. The one we visit is always happy to clean a scoop and open a new container for us.

On Jun 17, 2002

Well I've just changed my comfort zone-had been making ice creams for past 5 years for son- now since he's older (almost 12) and been reaction free (ie no EiPen ever needed to be used) and since he past peach food challenge- I talked with staff person during the challenge and it is deamed safe for my son to eat Breyers ice creams as long as label doesn't list anything his currently allergic or a may contain on any of those. My son has tried several flavors-but not wild about taste- I guess he is used to the homemade at least he has more choices.