I would like for everyone to read this and give feedback, please (m)

Posted on: Thu, 05/24/2001 - 4:23pm
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pI sent the following message to the Oprah show today. This morning, I nominated Chris for the angel award, but then I kept thinking. We need for everyone, and I mean everyone, what we face every day as the parent of a PA child. This is what I wrote:/p
pI know that I have already emailed twice requesting a show on children with peanut allergies, but I've been thinking about this all day. I really want to try to get people to understand what it's like, as a parent, to live with this day in and day out./p
pIt's a terrible burden. Imagine the things that most people take for granted/p

Posted on: Thu, 05/24/2001 - 6:52pm
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Lori, I can honestly say that I think that was THE best article on what it's like to be a parent of a peanut-allergic child I have ever read. Granted, I've only been reading articles on PA for a few months, but I have read a lot. ;-) With your permission, of course, I would be happy to send it (along with copyright notice) to every newspaper, news channel, and magazine *I* can think of, as well. I think you described life as a PA child's parent perfectly. I know you have mine, at least.
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Posted on: Thu, 05/24/2001 - 10:13pm
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Beautifully done, Lori.

Posted on: Thu, 05/24/2001 - 11:38pm
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Dear Lori,
I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and shivering at the words you wrote.
You said it all, every fear, every emotion that we all go through trying to keep our children safe from harm.
If the Oprah show has any "guts" at all, they will listen. My fear is given Oprah's experience with the Beef Industry, she may shy away from taking on the almighty "peanut industry". I truly hope that they consider every word you wrote. It is without a doubt the best PA letter I have ever read!
Thank you!
Katiee (Wade's mom)

Posted on: Fri, 05/25/2001 - 1:21am
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Well done Lori! If this doesn't get a response from Oprah's people, nothing will. You have hit the nail on the head...this is all of our lives on a daily basis. I am exhausted after reading it! Thank you for expressing it so well.

Posted on: Fri, 05/25/2001 - 2:23am
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I'm sitting here with tears streaming done my face.
You managed to capture all the feelings I have every day. Your letter is excellant!!!

Posted on: Fri, 05/25/2001 - 6:36am
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great job Lori,Best of luck with this. claire

Posted on: Fri, 05/25/2001 - 9:00am
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I need a tissue. Very well written! Deanna

Posted on: Fri, 05/25/2001 - 11:07am
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Extremely well written and very moving. Thanks so much...I will hope and pray that the staff at Oprah will sit up and take notice. I am also printing your e-mail letter because the description of what we experience as parents is so accurate and well said. Thanks again. I will e-mail Oprah as well to encourage them to do a show.

Posted on: Fri, 05/25/2001 - 11:14am
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A wonderful letter! Maybe the show could cover more food allergies. Many of us have all the worries you mentioned with the peanuts PLUS the fear of egg residue on surfaces, spilled milk, ice cream smears, pizza smears, cheese doodle crumbs, etc. There are so many of us who are dealing with a lot more food allergies than just peanut allergy. I definitely do not mean to undermine the peanut allergy (as I know this is a peanut allergy website and I am anaphylactic to peanuts myself) but we parents who have children with multiple food allergies face even more challenges and really would like to be included in your voice and truly need your strength and support. I am behind you. Once again, a great letter! Thanks!

Posted on: Sat, 05/26/2001 - 4:20am
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Very, very , very powerful letter. This just HAS to get some attention.


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