I use to work in a peanut processing plant

Posted on: Tue, 10/03/2000 - 7:25am
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Hope everyone doesn't mind me posting on the main board with this food related topic. I previously worked as a process control engineer in a food plant.

First of all, food plants are very different between companies and products. While some lines may share belts or bins with peanut products, other plants may have the processes separated by a wall or even different ends of the facility. There is little way for us on the outside to know.

Chances are alot of plants will have common air condition and heating that is not filtered. Peanut dust coming across manufacturing lines is a possibility if they do any kind of peanut grinding.

My wife and I firmly stay on the cautious side. Our two highly PA girls cannot eat anything from a peanut processing plant. We don't care if nonPA products are on a separate line. There are just too many unknowns to take a chance.

Posted on: Sun, 10/08/2000 - 6:57am
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Hi, I have just read your post and find it interesting as you have been on the 'inside'! I have a post "anyone had a reaction to items made in a nut-plant" that fits in with what you have written. It seems many people are comfortable with their children eating these products only because they haven't had a reaction. The possibility is there obviously but how much of a possibility is there? I can imagine you are thinking that any risk however slight is too great a risk, I'm still trying to figure out how I stand in regard to my comfort zone. My son has tested positive to peanuts but has never had another reaction since he ingested peanut butter at 14months of age. He has had granola bars, sat next to people eating peanut butter sandwiches or eating peanuts and never had a reaction since. We have made sure that he never actually ate peanuts and now that we know he is definately allergic he no longer eats granola bars. I just wonder how careful I need to be as he hasn't had a reaction to anything that "may contain" or was "made in a nut-plant".

Posted on: Sun, 10/08/2000 - 10:46pm
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Not allowing any food with 'made in a peanut processing facility' tag has become part of keeping our guard up against this allergy.
My opinion is there is some amount of risk with a peanut processing facility. Our position is if any risk is involved, just say no.
Please understand our girls are high PA. Just stepping on a peanut causes a blister. I think it is just better to err on the safe side.

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