I now have 2 PA children.

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Being the day after Trick or treating, I was terrified of a reaction. Last year, DD#1 PA had a reaction to 2 plain M&M candies. So we were VERY careful lastnight, I even bought her safe treats to replace what she got, she did well with letting me dump half her candy out. No reactions. She's 5 years old, PA since age 3.

So DD#2 was in her bucket this morning, she's 2.5 years old, shown NO symptoms of any allergy of any sort. I hadn't gotten to picking through her bucket to keep it safe so she would cross contaminate her sister. She opened a snickers and a baby ruth, did not eat either, she likes to just open then toss them to me, and I got up to throw them out then bathe her. By the time we met up in the bathroom, she had hives all around her eyes, rubbing them raw, and proceeding to swell shut. I dosed her up good with benedryl and watched her breathing all day long. Her breathing has been fine, no wheezing.

I know I should have expected this, but a small part of me is sad, I've been crying most of the day. I have 3 daughters and already have seen a small sign in my baby (9 months) of allergies.

I am trying to come to terms with my role as an allergy mom. THANK GOD we homeschool. It was one thing to HS one, and think maybe we should just fight the school, but with 2 or more, I just can't imagine the amount of worry I'd go through every day.

Thank you for listening.

------------------ Julie, momma to 2 curly haired girls and a babykins in the oven.

On Oct 31, 2004

Very sorry to hear about your 2nd daughter being PA. I send you a hug. My 3 1/2 year old is PA and I have a 23 month old that can't have wheat, barley, oats, soy, amaranth, rice, egg, blueberry, corn and we stay very far away from peanuts/nuts. I pray every night that she will not be PA but with all her allergy issues it is very likely that she will be. It is so darn hard. I just pray that one day they will advertise something on tv like they do now for seasonal allergies but it will be for food allergies. Until then, all we can do is hope and keep our kids safe. Sending you good thoughts...

On Nov 1, 2004

Both my sons are PA, and yes it is twice as much worry, but one good thing is that my first son has a "partner in crime" in his brother, i.e. neither one of them is singled out due to this allergy since they both have it. Even if the younger one wasn't allergic we would never have peanuts in the house, and all the "groundwork" was laid with the first one as far as letters to teachers, educating parents of friends etc. The first son being allergic was a total shock; the second one more of a suprise.