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So I have a soon to be 6yr boy who was diagnosed with alot of allergies over the past few years, from tree, grass, mold, dust. . .to the most scariness peanut allergy!!! Now here is where I need some help. . . He has been on Zyrtec everyday for over 2 years and now we have filled out Conner's papers in the process of having him evaluated for ADHD, at the advice of his Kindergarten teacher. He is a very active little boy who really can't sit still for pretty much anything, and never really seems to focus in on some things. I'm wondering if the medicine and everything can be playing into this possible ADHD. . .

Now with saying this my husband and I are wanting to do anything to help him live better. We have said that if he is diagnosed with ADHD that we feel very strongly that ADHD meds are the last resort, we really want to try other things first.

So if there is ANYONE that has any information that would help us out, please. .PLEASE let us know

Jen & Kevin