I need list of common foods to be aware of


I'm new to PA. My 1 year old is just now starting to eat all table food. What are the common foods I need to be watch? I know all chocolate, cookies and icecream, but what are other common foods that may contain peanuts? Are there any fast food restaurants that are usually safe?

On May 4, 2001

Hi and good luck to you, first of all make sure to stay away from bakeries. There is always a chance of cross contamination there. Also beware of peas,licorice,homemade chili,unless you made it yourself and know the secret ingredient. Make sure to read everything and always make sure to double check,because you will find that someone may tell you something does not have nut in it and when you yourself check the food will. People don't always check ingredients like they tell you they will. It isn't as bad as we think it is always going to be, it becomes our way of life and we are all fine. Take care claire

On May 4, 2001

Welcome to the boards, First & fore most stay away from Chinese Food. That is the worst possible, they use peanut oil to fry in & they use peanuts in a lot of their foods, they use pb to close egg rolls with.

I stay away from Thai food & Hawaiian food. Make sure when you are purchasing any cookies, candy, chips, icecream & cakes you read all the labels & call the manufacturers. Some times they don't even put down "may contain". If a label states "may contain or made in the same facility as peanuts", you would want to stay away from the products.

If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Good Luck.


On May 4, 2001

You can order little cards for your wallet from FAAN that list foods to stay away from.

On May 4, 2001

Thanks for the advice. I have ordered lots of items from FAAN including the cards. I have been eating at a Chinese restuarant, even though my son doesn't eat any of the food, i know now not to take him at all. It's hard to find the balance between being cautious without being obsessed. It's good to know that I have support when I need it. Thanks, Ginger

On May 5, 2001

Actually, I know the standard is to boycott all Chinese food, but realize that it is not like Thai, where peanut is the heart & soul of the cuisine. These days because of how widespread the allergy is, some Chinese restaurants no longer use peanut oil. It's up to each individual whether it is worth investigating.