I need help fitting the e-belt


Hi, I am trying to 'train' my 3.5 year old to wear the e-belt in preperation for school in August. My son's waist is 20 inch and we have a size medium belt which is too big (I am planning to get a small next week).

My questions are:

Do your kids wear it snuggly around their waist? Is the epipen container in the front or back? At what age did they start wearing it?



On May 19, 2006

My son started wearing it around his 4th birthday. He usually likes it a bit loose, but occasionally likes it snug.

He puts it on with the pen in the front, but sometimes turns it so the pen is in the back. Also, sometimes it's over his clothes, and sometimes he wears a baggy shirt over the belt.

Send me an e-mail - I have a small belt, maybe we could meet at a mall or something.

On May 19, 2006

Adam wears it in the front, not snug but not loose. He always has his shirt cover it. He began wearing it at age 5. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On May 19, 2006

Hannah used a waist pouch style carrier for her epipen in preschool, and a soft epipen pouch in JK and SK. We switched to the Zoni Ebelt for grade 1 (age 6).

She wears the belt fairly loosely.

She wears the pen in the back (doesn't like anything bulky/hard at her waist in the front, even buttons or snaps on pants bother her).

I don't hear any complaints about wearing it, except when she goes on a fieldtrip and has to wear the bulkier soft one so she can carry 2 pens.

Good luck, Sarah

On May 19, 2006

My son started wearing his at the start of this school year (at 5 yrs old). He was almost too big for the smallest size so I bought the next size up - so its a little loose. It sits right around his hips (where a belt would be on his jeans). He wears it so the epipen sits at the back, and doesn't like it to show, so he wears it under his shirt.