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Posted on: Fri, 09/14/2007 - 11:53am
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Okay, I had a very rough week at school....even rougher today when I went to pick up my 504 letter from the doctor.

When I first approached our doctor about 504 plans over a year ago, he knew very little about them. I told him I was seeking one and asked if he could do a letter. He asked me to write the letter and he would sign it.
I spent a lot of time researching the elements of a good 504 eligibity request. I spent a lot of time writing a good letter after reading many samples posted here, from FAAN literature, etc. I quoted and cited the source for anything I copied from FAAN, OCR etc. If I used phrases from one of your samples, I changed it enough so I wasn't copying it directly. I also spent time with the Special Services lady trying to see what she felt was important to include. I took advice from so many of you.
Today, I picked it up and it says:

I have been xx's allergist since 2001. In addition to chronic asthma, he has a clinical history of a life threatening reaction to peanuts and tree nuts at age 4. because of his concurrent asthma, he would be at a greater risk for a fatal food induced allergic reaction.
Because of the degree of xx's food allergy, it would appear that section 504 would safeguard him. This would create a more secure school environment and allow xx to participate in all school functions in and out of the classroom. Thank you.

When I picked it up and read it, I was literally ready to spit nails. The nurse previously asked me where the info came from, I told her that I used formats, examples, samples from FAAN, pa.com etc.
Today, the secretary/nurse said doc was afraid of being sued and using someone else's letter. (I even gave them a disk so that it could be edited easily).
I was like WHAT??? I cited sources in the letter the rest was changed around to not be copied word for word.
I started crying. I started yelling at the nurse because I need this to be right. I need the letter to say what I wrote. (I love our allergist. Love two of three of his nurses. this nurse I cannot stand) I completely lost it. (today no patients are in the office, just me and her).

So now, I am recomposed I don't know what to do. DH says, write the letter stating the other stuff, sign our names and proceed. You have the documentation from the dr about the severity and history.

What should I do? I cannot go into this and fall on my face.
BTW, the allergy letter finally went out today, the 4th day of school.
PTO meeting principal had a perfect teaching moment for PA...he chickened out and didn't address ?? about peanuts in classrooms.
The kids have eaten lunch in their classroom since day one. Every day at least 2 kids with PBJ. I'm a complete wreck. My good friend basically cut me off today because she's had it with hearing about it. i was devastated. I feel like my friends who get it, still can't get it that I'm so uptight about school.

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