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I need some help. My four year old will be going to pre-school again next year. This year we had no problems because the preschool was one that a parent attended with Thomas, so his dad or I were always with him. Next year however he will be going alone and I am already terrified. I want to get started on this now. I want to try to get his whole room, the whole day peanut free. I don't think its enough to just have no peanuts in the morning when he is there, because if somebody in the afternoon eats peanuts and wipes his hand on a toy and then my son touches it....? I read alot about the 504 plan, but is that something I do on my own or do I do it with the school. Also I know that the school he is suppose to attend kindergarten at serves peanut butter at lunch. My sister volunters in the lunch room and she told me that there is a kid who is PA and he is forced to sit all by himself at a table away from everyone else. that is not acceptable to me. That is punishing that child for something they have no control over. I want to do everything I can to try to eliminate the peanuts from the lunchroom. How do I go about this? Where do I start? Is there anybody out there that has successfully done this? I need to get started on this as soon as possible. Thank you for anything you can add

On Apr 9, 2002

Thomas's Mom- I am sorry you have this situation. I believe that the 504 plan applies only in public schools, so if Thomas's preschool is private (i.e. does not receive federal funds), a 504 will not apply. However, a written plan is essential (just not enforcible by law). I would start by talking with the director, explaining the gravity of the situation, and emphasizing that your child could die if exposed to peanuts. This must all be done in a friendly and non-threatening manner. You need the director on your side. If you get the sense that necessary accomodations will not be made, you will need to find another preschool or skip preschool altogether. We did not send our daughter to preschool because we were not comfortable with it. She attends dance and swim classes instead--I am with her the whole time. Next year she will attend a peanut-free elementary school. Good luck!

On Apr 10, 2002

Thomas'smom, I raised the topic on schools and section 504 - there is a lot of daycare/preschool info in the topic. Also, here is the link to the US department of justice site with a great Q&A on preschool/daycares and the LAW!


Sue in Sunny Arizona