I need a little help......


My dd is in kindergarten and she is the ONLY ONE is her school with any food allergies at all, I believe the last person they had with food allergies was her dad a very long time ago! The school is handling things pretty well so far, but the teacher did give my dd a hershey kiss one day when reading a story, she was okay, but not sure if it is really safe. I don't know what is always served for snacks because I send in all of her food. Last year they had a "feast" for parents and family if they wanted to go, thank god I did because they were going to serve her peanut butter ice-cream. We now have a 504, but am confused to what rights we have and what it really means. Any help would be great. She starts full days tomorrow and I don't know how the lunch room will work, I do know it's crowded in there. Anyone is welcome to e-mail me directly as well. Tamie [email]Ash21h@aol.com[/email]

On Oct 2, 2002

Tamie- This situation sounds less safe than it could be. You might consider going to the school at lunch so that you will know exactly what is happening there. You may find that it is quite safe, or you may find that changes are needed for your child's safety.

On Oct 2, 2002

When my pa son started Kindergarten, I went to lunch the first 3 days to figure where he should sit, etc. It was worth the time and my son and I are both very comfortable with lunch seating arrangements!