I just found out my PA son is also allergic to tree nuts. A few questions


My mom gave him a chocolate bunny from Godiva for Easter. They told her they make *no* candy with peanuts. Well he had diarhea every time he ate a piece. His doc did a skin prick test today and my 5.5yr old DS was allergic to every tree nut they tested for. I have a few questions: How many other PA kids are also allergic to tree nuts? Is exposure any harder to avoid than just PA? And this doc did skin prick but 4 yrs ago we had a different doc who did CAP-RAST for PA---is one more accurate than the other?

On May 7, 2002

In today's NY Times Dr. Sampson is quoted as saying that 35% of those allergic to peanuts will also be allergic to tree nuts, due to the similarity in the offending proteins.


On May 7, 2002

The skin test is not always as accurate for children under 2 yrs old. RAST testing is dependent upon the ability of the lab techs. IMO neither is better, just different. Our skin test (14 mo. old) did not reveal several allergies that did show up with blood testing and have been confirmed through a food diary.

With regard to tree nuts, the biggest difference that I've noticed is that almond paste is used in a lot of cereals as a sweetner. It's usually at the very end of the ingredient list and easy to overlook. Also, tree nuts have many different names so you don't always know what to look for. Check out Foodallergy.org for a list of common tree nuts. Even if you aren't allergic, most PA people avoid TN because of the potential for cross-contamination.

There have been some recent discussions of RAST v. Skin testing, take a look at some of the other "new here" posts if you haven't already for additional info.

On May 7, 2002

is not any more difficult when allergic to pn and tn, in fact, its probably easier because you decide to just avoid all nuts especially since peanuts can be used as a cheapp filler in a mix with other nuts. So if allergic to pn, avoid all nuts!

On May 7, 2002

We deal with both plus egg and sesame seed allergy. The allergies are less difficult to deal with than my dd's picky eating. Or, perhaps the allergies do make the picky eating diffcult. Generally, it is a better diet to avoid processed foods, in general, which are the foods that may have cross contamination, though less convenient. The tree nut allergy does not make things more difficult because we would avoid all nuts anyways. The sesame is, because it is really hard to find bread or crackers. mish

On May 8, 2002

My PA son is also allergic to Walnuts, almonds and pecans....basically all the "cooking" nuts! LOL

We haven't really found it that much harder to avoid, since they are so easily cross-contaminated with peanuts anyway, that we just routinely avoid all nuts.

Knowing which tree-nuts he's allergic to is a bit of a comfort though, because if he accidentally ate a brazil nut I would know that I don't have to worry.

On May 8, 2002

The main difference that I have found is that tree nuts are less likely to be in "little kid" type foods. Tree nuts seem to turn up more than peanuts in adult dishes for example, pesto (pine nuts are a tree nut), nut crusted fish or meats, nuts in salads or nut oils in dressings. And yes, there are more names to watch out for as you read labels.