I have to vent!

Posted on: Mon, 12/17/2007 - 11:29am
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Last Friday I went into my son's class and there was a substitute. I know her, she has substituted before. She asked if I could stay and help out with a art project. While I was there someone brought in cupcakes for their child's birthday. My son raised his hand and told the sub that he could not have the cupcakes and she said she knew and that is safe snack was right here and pointed to a box of food that I have never seen before. I told her those were not his extra safe snacks and his were in the cabinet with his name on the bag. She said she thought the box was his safe snacks. (The teacher should have told the sub where they were!)
Then I looked at the cupcakes and it stated it "may contain walnuts and walnut oil" which my son is also allergic to. So I called the principal and told her and she said she would oversee the deal and make sure they would wash their hands before and after and make sure the desks got wiped down and get my son to sit somewhere else. Well instead of that the sub decided to let the kids eat the cupcakes on the carpet and my son sat with them.
Well when I went into class this morning I took some more snacks to replenish his snack bag. It had icing all over it. That means that whoever handled the cupcakes dug in my son's peanut and nut free snacks with icing all over their hands. I just looked at it and shook my head. I told the teacher about what had happened and she seemed to care less. When I went back to class this afternoon I told her that I had to throw the whole bag away and make a new one. Her response was "that's fine."
I was so upset. I did not seem to phase her one little bit that that sub violated my son's 504 by allowing those cupcakes to be eaten in class. It did not seem to phase her that my son could have had an anaphylactic reaction from cross contamination of that sub touching those nut laced cupcakes then touching my son's safe snack. It did not seem to phase her that I had to throw out all of those snacks because of that sub touching the bag and digging her hand in there. What a b*%#h! I am sorry, but that is just wrong. No compassion at all.
I called the principal and told her about what the sub did. She said she did notice they were vacuuming the floor when she went done there to check on things. She said left instructions with the sub and did not understand why they were not followed.
I know why they were not followed. NO ONE CARES! These people are just waiting for a reaction to happen to take this more seriously. I am calling the OCR tomorrow. Katie bar the door 'cause I am pissed! This is the last time they take things for granted.
Then on top of all this the school nurse calls me today and tells me that one of the classrooms that my son went into to read a play had peanut butter. She said he was fine, but she wanted to let me know. I told her that is why this school needs to be peanut free. He is not just in one area all day. He is all over the school. She is as much help as a broken umbrella in the rain. I am going nuts!

Posted on: Tue, 12/18/2007 - 3:13am
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That is so pathetic, why aren't precautions taken seriously.
Similar cross contamination happened right in front of my eyes, I was at the school to help out with treat day , because the week before my daughter tried to buy her peanut free version of a cookie in the school office and was turned away and told she was not one of the allergic kids, ugh? I make a batch every week for the allergic kids in the school, keep them seperate, while another mom comes over with her gloved hand she had been using to hand out tree nut laced cupcakes with to grab a safe one for a peanut/nut allergic child, I told her she couldn't do that ?????????? she said oh , right , and said she needs to be more careful , yeah ,ya think , there is a reason they are seperate, what will it take to get others to take this issue seriously, it shouldn't be a reaction.
People don't get it that trace is a threat, a real , honest to goodness threat .

Posted on: Tue, 12/18/2007 - 3:23am
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I really feel that teachers should have to go through some sort of allergy awareness course. I mean honestly, who studies and researches something that doesn't apply to them unless they have to? Before my daughter was diagnosed, when I heard someone was allergic peanuts my only thought was "Oh man, they can't have peanut butter. That's awful." I never imagined that is was so much more involved than that, but at least my ignorance wasn't putting others in danger.


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