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Posted on: Thu, 07/27/2000 - 4:28am
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My son Wade was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at 16 months and is now almost 2 1/2. At the time of his testing, he was tested for other things such as tree nuts, some fruits, dust etc. We have been fortunate in that Wade has not had another reaction since and we have epi-pens on hand. What I was wondering was is it possible for someone to be allergic to a specific fish?? I ask this because we had an incident before Wade's initial PA reaction after he had eaten salmon for the first time...he imediately became extremely distressed and then hysterical as well as having a flushed face (quite similar to his ana reaction to peanuts) but it stopped there, no resperatory distress etc...Does anyone know if it's possible for him to be allergic to salmon but not other fish (he's had cod, haddoc only) he has never reacted to any other fish. Our allergist told us to completely avoid shellfish because of the possibility of developing an allergy but he said nothing about fish. I have never had salmon in the house since that incident and I guess I'll have to wait till we see the allergist in November to find out for sure. Can they check for a salmon allergy with a skin prick test?? Thanks everyone...



Posted on: Thu, 07/27/2000 - 5:00am
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Your son probably had a reaction to the hyrdrolized plant protein that they sometimes put in canned salmon or the salmon may have come in contact with shell fish or seafood and he may be allergic to those.

Posted on: Thu, 07/27/2000 - 5:04am
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he very well could be allergic to salmon. has he reacted to other cold water fish? While shellfish allergies are more common, allergies to other fish are not that uncommon!

Posted on: Thu, 07/27/2000 - 6:25am
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Yes, people can be allergic to some fishes, but not others. There are different fish "families". Only way to know for sure, safely, is to be tested.

Posted on: Thu, 07/27/2000 - 12:26pm
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My daughter was specifically tested for salmon. She had developed one hive on her cheek after eating it. The test came back negative.

Posted on: Fri, 07/28/2000 - 1:20am
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Thank you all...I think it was likely a reaction to the salmon (fresh)rather than anything else (so far he has tested neg. to shellfish). I'm glad to hear that there is a specific test for salmon and will have him tested at his next visit to the allergist!
Thanks again
Katiee (Wade's mom)


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