I don\'t like our allergist

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I found out my son has PA when he was 6 months old. Now he's 10.5 months old. The allergist actually asked me if I have him candy with peanut butter in it. I've never really liked him and he's never told me anything about PA. Everything I know I have researched on my own. Anyways, I decided to switch allergists and we're going to see one who specializes in food allergy from the University of Cincinnati. My son's appt is on Monday. I called the old allergist to get the "numbers" from his skin test and the were refusing to give them to me. I finally had them send me his records, but before the lady would listen to me she said "Your son is severly allergic to peanuts and highly allergic to wheat." I ticked because they never told me about the wheat! So now I'm freaking out! I'll find out for sure on Monday. He's had fruit puffs that contain wheat flour, but his eczema has also been a little worse. Anyways, I'm just naggin and needed to get it out. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

On May 4, 2006

What a pain! Don't you hate it when Docs won't give up the info THAT YOU PAID FOR? My Allergist referred me to a *specialty allergist* for some panels he didn't carry. The @$$%*!& a) Forgot to even do a physical exam on me b) Denied that I could have "so many allergies" c) told me I could go eat shrimp *safely* d) suggested that I might be having panic attacks OR making this up for attention. Amazing! Of course, my RAST came back POSITIVE for several knowns and 2 new ones, had the nerve to tell me not to eat shrimp. DUH???!!! (I always trust my own instincts, and my old, retired allergist that dx'd me in the first place.) This jerk also did not want to release my test results of the SPT. He only wanted to mention the weak positives from the SPT to my regular Allergist. I insisted that since I had *PAID* for them, I would be receiving them so they would not need to be repeated in the near future! Finally got them in the mail, along with circles around the egg, almond, shellfish and rye results. UGGHH. Feels very good to vent.

You are a great Mom! Trust your instincts. You and your child will have a long relationship with your allergist. You need a *good fit*. Hope the appointment next week goes well. Daisy

On May 4, 2006

I just moved away from Cincinnati but we really liked our allergists in case you don't like your new one either: Ann and Patty Ghory (they're sisters). They took our opinions, observations and PA seriously. We did not like our first allergist (Larry Newman I think?)...he told us ds could safely eat m&m's. TJsmom

On May 8, 2006

Hello. My son had his allergy appt today with the new allergist. She was very nice and spent almost 2 hours with us. They did a skin test for 20 different foods/allergens. He came back postive for peanuts (which I already knew), wheat, grass and molds. The wheat was borderline so they also did a RAST for that and peanuts. If the wheat RAST is neg, then we're going to do a food challenge since he's had wheat flour before. I'm glad I switched and I fell much more comfortable now.